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CD: HARRY RUSK With The Rainbow Ranch Boy’s


With The Rainbow Ranch Boy’s


Vaya Con Dios – Blue Spanish Eyes –
Whispering Winds – Oh Wonderful World – Sweet Fern – Rainbow Pickin’ –
La Paloma – Jesus I Come – Reminiscing With Jesus – What Then
Harry Rusk, from Carrot Creek, Alberta, Canada, is one of
our celebrities inducted into America’s Old Time Country Music Hall of
Fame.  He is a very energetic and resourceful performer of America’s
traditional and classic country music.  This particular CD is a
re-mastered and digitalized recording originally released in 1972. 
First off, the Rainbow Ranch Boys are a very gifted and talented group
of musicians.  Harry Rusk, as we know him best, is a wonderful vocalist,
but on this CD he is playing acoustic lead guitar with the Rainbow
Ranch Boys, with the numbers being instrumentally recorded.  Harry is a
gifted guitarist, and he plays much like the music that was so popular
in the 70’s.  He never stalls, he never stumbles, he never lets his
interpretations of these beautiful songs go unheralded. He adds his own
personality to each and every song.  I found “Whispering Winds” cleverly
picked, and on top of that it is an original by Harry.  Being a
Canadian, it is no surprise that Harry eventually teamed up with Hank
Snow, another famous Canadian, and it was Hank Snow that took Harry to
the stage of the Grand Ole Opry.  Another song Harry picks that I like,
which has a little ‘rag’ sound to it, is “Rainbow Pickin’ super and well
done.  Having spent a lot of time in Mexico at my own little casa in
Veracruz, I was also impressed with Harry’s pickin’ on “La Paloma” and
once again he showed his own personality on this lovely Spanish song.  I
believe Harry does his best pickin’ when he’s doing something that he
wrote.  “Reminiscing With Jesus” is another of those great melody lines,
that just sort of sticks with you.  We finally hear the voice of Harry
in a recitation he does with “What Then.”  It’s beautifully done, much
like those very popular pieces from the 70’s.  It’s a great treat to get
to listen to the 70’s once again, it’s so much more ‘country’ than
anything that is being produced today, which lands on a top-40 chart
that is also not country.  After 60 years of loving and playing country
music myself, I would much rather listen to Harry Rusk than anything
coming out of Nashville today called country.  This one goes to the
Rural Roots Music Commission
Harry Rusk, Kahntah Ministries, P O Box 630, Carrot Creek, Alberta, Canada T0E 0G0 kataministries@gmail.com
Review by Bob Everhart, NTCMA, www.ntcma.net
for Country Music News International Magazine

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