CD: GRAHAM RODGER We’re Gonna Be Alright


We’re Gonna Be Alright


We’re Gonna Be Alright – The First Lady Of Country – The
Almond Tree – A Hat Like That – The Barcaldine Cup – Relief – From
Banjo’s Pen – Guilty Or Not Guilty – Unsuitably Dressed – A Small Pain
in His Chest – The Touch Of The Master’s Hand – A Little Irish Mother –
Said Hanrahan
It amazes me how very ‘real country’ CD’s come to me.  This
particular project was sent to me by Michael T. Wall, who makes his
home in Newfoundland, but he travels and performs in Australia a great
deal.  One of the artists he met there recently is none other than this
incredibly ‘country’ artist, Graham Rodger.  Michael sent this CD for
review.  It’s not Graham’s newest work, it’s album number eight out of
11 that he has recorded.  I really like the songs, but more importantly
Graham’s intense country voice, right on, as well as the music backing. 
There are some up-tempo songs that take the listener on a ride into
Australia, without a doubt.  Mr. Rodger was rural born, which to me
gives him the upper lift to keep it country.  He specializes in high
quality Australian ballads, of which there are many, not the least being
those from the very gifted Slim Dusty, one of Graham’s heroes. There is
one super good song on this CD, entitled “The Almond Tree” which is an
original by Graham.  It has already won the Australian National
Songwriters Award.  It is one of many original diamonds.  It is
immediately followed by another great original “A Hat Like That” which
is a terrific story song, exactly as country music should be, and as
Australian country music is.  I really like the uptempo style of Graham,
he is an entertainer as well as a great songwriter, vocalist, and
performer.  Proof of this is obvious in the many ‘people’s choice’
awards he has won at Tamworth, Australia’s largest country music
gathering.  Most common is his ‘Male Vocalist of the Year’ award, which
in Australia is still done in the proper style, not a bought and paid
for commodity as it is treated in American awards these days.   “Relief”
is a kind of “Ghost Riders In The Sky” approach to rain coming to a
much needed parched land.  Super well done.  Nearly all of Graham’s
songs are stories set to poetry and song.  I thought perhaps I’d hear a
banjo on the song “From Banjo’s Pen,” but that’s not the case, Banjo is
actually an Australian writer, a pensman, and a super story.  “A Small
Pain In His Chest” has a nice accordion-like intro, and another great
story about a battle with over powering bodily attack.  Super good story
teller to be sure.  I’m going to send this CD along to the Rural Roots
Music Commission.  I know what they are going to do about this story
teller’s amazing talent, whether Graham wants to pursue their decision
waits to be seen.  Graham is at, and he recorded this remarkable work for Austrak Music, 571 Old Gympie Road, Paterson 4570, Queensland, Australia.

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