CD: Erisa Rei – Black Ball

Erisa Rei
Black Ball
in the Desert                  3:09 Black
Ball 3:44Swing Back to Home         4:00
Dominoes 5:12
News to
See                3:22Pushed                  4:33 To Bleed   3:57Cannot Change 3:17          Sojourn Band   4:46
Gone, Winter Long 6:01

Rei, this seems like the most palatable album I have to review. So, we will
see. Gypsy in the Desert opens it up.
It has that freewheeling, top down highway driving with the wind in your hair
sound. I’ve been on many of those trips and can feel the music pulse through me
with my foot all the way to the floor. So far it’s a great open.

comes up next, or should I say rolls up next. I gotta tell you the
first time I saw the title I almost crouched over in pain thinking it was blue
balls. After listening to it, now I get the idea. Lyrically, it brings the
imagery of a pool hall and the eight ball rolling.

Back to Home
slows the album down a bit. In my position I guess it brings
about a feeling that should have ended a while ago. I’ve been laid up for
almost a year now with no end in sight. Where the sweetness ended and the time
to move on is tugging at your sleeve. Like
keeps it really mellow. Her voice is beautiful in this melody. It
kind of brings about pictures of younger days.

to See
begins to pick it up. I don’t know how to compare this. When it gets
into the “News to See” refrain it really picks up. It seems like it’d be one of
those songs you could really get into screaming out the refrain as it plays. Pushed really shows off her talent both
lyrically and written. In the mood I’m in currently this song just fits.

            Cannot Change keeps
up the same melodic sound, but then Sojourn
just picks it right back up. I feel like I’m caught in an old Western.
My six shooters firmly resting in the holsters at my side, my ten gallon hat
new and me sporting a new Sunday’s Best as the tumbleweeds cruise by in the

            Finally, Be Gone Winter Long is a nice ending. It’s like saying a fond
farewell to all the emotions brought out by the album.

            Overall, I liked the album. It had a
nice mix of those emotionally draining ballads, as well as the upbeat songs
that kept it together nicely. The last song really sums up the feeling of
crossing that barren season of winter and cruising into spring. 

Jeremy Frost for Country Music News International

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