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CD: Eric Lambert and Friends Maiden Voyage

Lambert and Friends
Blues 4:39 Maiden Voyage 4:46 Won’t Fight Alone Again 3:39 The
Sweet Irish Lass 6:08 Big Legged Woman 4:23 Breakfast at Georges
3:19 Hey Pocky Way 5:23 Make it Through the Night 3:58 Senorita
4:31 Another Sunny Day in Caroline 3:10
the banjo, then a fiddle or two and now all they’re missin’ is a
jug and a washboard and this would be one humdinger of a jug band. A
few other things that I forgot, a front porch a couple of rocking
chairs a dab of moonshine and a mountain, say maybe somewhere in West
Virginia, Kentucky or Tennessee, that there’d be the best damn
recipe I could come up with. Just in case I didn’t offend everyone
equally let me also add North Carolina and South Carolina.
was my first impression of,

also I had enough seriousness for one day. I will definitely have to
give it to them they are really talented, and most likely this would
be a great show especially at an outdoor venue.

begins to really display his flat-picking. When someone can get
those strings moving right and that fiddle going, I really believe
you can do no wrong. But, I mean no wonder why this is the title
track of the album. It is an utter raw display of talent that is
second to none.
Fight Alone Again,

leaves me with no alternative but to once again maintain seriousness.
In this song you can really see his musical influences of Jerry
Garcia and Bob Dylan coming through, but I don’t think either ever
reached the level that he has.
Sweet Irish Lass,
up just as you’d expect her too. Uhhh, that’s not what I meant.
It’s an Irish jig.
Big Legged
really get the Chicago blues influence with that flat picking he is
well known for. The lyrics are great, I had only one problem with
this one even though it was four minutes long I just felt it was over
before I was ready for it to end.
at Georges,
just another song on this album that makes you say to yourself, it
can’t get any better than this. This one is another instrumental,
and I bet it was a difficult choice to make for the title track.
kind of a shame that I get these albums song-by-song. I can imagine
this album playing straight on through, especially where I live. This
just reminds me of one of the great outdoor shows in a field in the
spring down here in Florida that would last for a few days. And with
that thought comes,
it Through the Night,
those shows you’d go to a campground area afterword set up a tent
and hundreds, if not thousands of others would be camping out as
is another incredible instrumental. And,
Sunny Day in Caroline,
is thrown heavily in the mix.. This is really get up and move music.
I don’t believe anyone could walk away from a show without complete
exhaustion, and if they had a summer tour playing through Florida not
only would I go, but I would probably have to be carried out on a
stretcher from heat exhaustion.
is one of those albums that you really need to purchase the entire
CD. You really need to attend a show, or if you play guitar you
really need to get on his site and either purchase his teaching DVD
or get lucky enough to get lessons from him. Eric Lambert is a true
master who has been doing this for over 35 years. Just add his
friends and I don’t think there are more educated musicians in this
genre. If I was absolutely forced to choose my favorite song, I would
Fight Alone Again,
I won’t because I have the entire album. 
Jeremy Frost for Country Music News International Magazine 

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