We Could


We Could – Till A Tear Becomes A Rose – In
The Sweet Bye and Bye – The Gift – Bye Bye Love – Let It Be Me – I Still
Miss Someone – I Will Meet You In The Morning – Dream – When I Stop
Dreaming – More And More – My Isle Of Golden Dreams – I Just Wanna Dance
With You – Rallin’ In My Sweet Baby’s Arms – I’ll Fly Away – Our
Wedding Day
One of the things I like about professionals when they do
their recordings, they also keep their album covers in mind when they
begin the marketing and production chores.  In this case, the name of
the album is “We Could” and then when you turn the album over it says
“We Did.”  How cool is that.  The cover has this very young couple on
their wedding day (super good photo), and then on the rear is a lovely
photo of them today.  Remarkable and totally cool. The music is cool
too.  This is ‘country’ music. The real-deal, with simply fantastic
backing.  Both voices are extremely good, and harmony is a number one
attraction on this project.  This particular album is much like the real
country music we used to listen to with a passion, it brings tears to
my eyes.  It’s been awhile since I’ve heard these old songs done so
well.  Betty is not only a super suburb vocalist, she’s a tremendous
instrumentalist as well.  She plays a really nice sounding Martin rhythm
guitar, but we also get to hear her delightful mandolin on “In The
Sweet Bye and Bye,” among others.  The participating musicians were
obviously having a delightful time too.  Joe Savage on steel guitar
(exceptional) and harmonica (again exceptional); Greg Dopp on Lead
Guitar; Larry Peterson on piano, bass, and drums.  Some of the sessions
were done in Chandler, Arizona, and some of them were done in Mora,
Minnesota, but it doesn’t make any difference, the smooth dulcimer tones
of Betty and Ed’s voices glue it together, just as it should.  I really
like their Everly Brothers “Bye Bye Love” and wasn’t “Let It Be Me”
also an Everly song? Their ‘Dream Dream Dream” is also on this
delightful CD.  You actually get an extra song on this CD, “I Saw The
Light” is just between “Let It Be Me” and “I Still Miss Someone,” but
it’s not listed on the credits.  Great banjo on “Rollin’ In My Sweet
Baby’s Arms” but we don’t know who’s doing this incredible bluegrass
pickin’ but somehow it fits the entire scope of this delightful CD. 
This one goes direct to the Rural Roots Music Commission.  Thanks for a
nice listen Ed & Betty Rydell (Bearse).
Ed & Betty Rydell Bearse, 712 Jefferson St., Anoka, MN 55303  –
for Country Music News International

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