CD: Doo-Wop – Volume 14 1962

Volume 14 1962
Remember Then
2:07 What Time Is It 2:47 Do You Love Me 2:54 Soldier Boy 2:39 You’ve Really
Got a Hold on Me 3:12  A Wonderful Dream
2:02 I Love You 2:37 Forever 2:27 You Belong to Me 2:44 Sherry 2:32 Coney
Island Baby 2:12 Devil in His Heart 2:35 Come On Little Angel 3:02 Village of
Love 2:01 Untie Me 2:24 Tell Him 2:34 Little Young Lover 2:15 Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow
2:22 I Sold My Heart to the Junkman 2:27 Up on the Roof 2:36 Paradise 2:51
Chains 2:31 Oh What a Way to Be Loved 2:48 Do Not Hang Up 2:18 Arabia 2:31
Young Heart Belongs to Me 2:36 Hully Gully Baby 2:34 I Wish That We Were
Married 2:51 Mind Over Matter(I’m Gonna Make You Mine) 3:11 There’s a Love 2:18
The(Bossa Nova) Bird 2:45 I Found a Love(2:58) Twist and Shout 2:33 Looking for
a Love 2:28

Another Doo-Wop, another day, and
another year, I have a question. How could anyone have let this go on for so
long?  Remember Then, I wish that they would forget about it. Why play
albums when you can drive your electric wheelchairs through a drive-thru to
pick up some coffee? I guess maybe I’m biased by the same old titles and the
same old themes. What Time Is It, I
have an answer to that song title before I even listen to it. It’s time to
realize you have dementia and the ‘good old days’ were probably not all that
good. Now, I’ve listened to it and I’m sure they weren’t that good.

You Love Me,
these questions, they must have been confused back then a lot. Wait a minute, I
think everyone has heard this one. Okay, this one’s not so bad.  What’s next, Soldier Boy, I was trying to figure out why this had that title but
it finally came up at the end. I Love
I have no idea how this song could be popular in any decade. A Wonderful Dream at least has a bit of
a faster tempo. I could envision this song being played for Mickey and Minnie

Another prepubescent boy begins, I Love You, didn’t these groups ever
think of singing a duet with a girl. And why would anybody enjoy someone
singing in such a high pitched voice. Forever,
at least this woman sings about loyalty. Whatever happened to that word in
this day and age. Although it may be a bit scary if you really don’t want this
girl. It reminds me of a girl who used to pop out of nowhere and take pictures
of me in high school. She never said anything but I always wondered what she
did with those pictures.

A few songs here and there I knew pretty
well; hell who wouldn’t know Twist and
for instance. Anyway, I’ll say the same as I said about the others.
The quality, the fact that the songs are digitally remastered, and maybe if you
grew up during that time you’d want it I do not. 

Jeremy Frost for Country Music News International

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