CD: Doo-Wop Volume 13 – 1961

Volume 13 – 1961
Blue Moon 2:16
When We Get Married 2:28 Please Mr. Postman 2:30 Daddy’s Home 2:53
Runaround Sue
2:41 Duke of Earl 2:27 My True Story 2:34 Barbara Ann 2:15
Every Beat of My
Heart 2:02 I Really Love You 2:17 Gypsy Woman 2:20 Let Me In 3:03
Glitter in Your
Eyes 2:45 Foot Stompin’;Pt.1 2:22 A Little Bit of Soap 2:11 Smokey Places 3:00
Some Kind of Wonderful 2:18 Bristol Stomp 2:20 Lover’s Island 2:20 The Watusi
2:39 Its Unbelievable 2:17 Heart and Soul 1:57 Look in My Eyes 2:18 It Will
Stand 2:22 Greetings 2:45 Nothing But Good 2:43 That’s What Girls Are Made From
3:09 Nag 2:56 Tonight I fell in Love 1:44 Check Yourself 2:43 Tonight(Could Be
the Night) 2:06 There’s No Other(Like My Baby) 2:30 The Continental Work 2:21
Long Tall Girl 2:20 These Oldies But Goodies(Remind Me of You) 3:27

The last
time I heard this song it was a lot slower. Blue
opens up the album and I thought I’d be crying. Guess not this time.
Maybe I spoke too soon. When We Get
comes up next. I seriously hope this guy didn’t get left at the altar
because it really sounds like it. We’ve
all heard stories about the next song,
Please Mr. Postman,
I wonder if there was a song during the 1920’s called
“Mr. Milkman.” I guess it follows the theme from the previous song so Daddy’s Home, is next to play. Maybe
it’s supposed to be a happy one. I just don’t hear it that way. Whoever had the
idea to put this together may love invoking a constant rollercoaster of
emotions but I would rather it not be that way. They really should have put all
“commit suicide or cry” songs into one section and titled them properly.

            Ahhhh. I know this one Runaround Sue is a nice fun song. It’s
fast paced maybe the lyrics were meant to give that sad feeling, but it just
comes out differently. I don’t think anyone could say they don’t know the next
one. Duke of Earl is just that song
that you always associate with the time period. I don’t think this song is
going anywhere soon.

True Story
is after the “Duke,” It even has a reference to him in the
lyrics. I don’t think they cried a river in those days. It must’ve been more
like an ocean. Like I said this album just goes up and down. Barbara Ann is what I’m talking about.
It’s fast paced, has a great sax part, and on this collection it’s incredibly

            And then, back down. Every Beat of My Heart takes you right
back down. Either her boyfriend died, or she’s a stalker. I Really Love You, back up and another song that I think if it was
written in today’s world would put the writer in jail, another stalker song in
my opinion. I can only hope for an even plane with the next one. I don’t
believe I’ve heard it before, Gypsy
Can anyone out there listening raise your hand if you know this one?
It definitely has the bells you can associate with a gypsy. This song brings
back a memory, not a pleasant one. When I was a kid we were camping and I was
on the playground, my bike was all of a sudden surrounded. Before my father
could get them away, some gypsies took all of the bolts off and parts of it had
disappeared. Needless to say, I’m not such a fan of even the thought of
glorifying gypsies.

Kind of Wonderful
is a song I want to hear just to see if it’s the same
song I’m thinking about. Okay, it’s not the song I’m thinking about, but it
could be the same lyrics, I’m really not sure. Maybe, this is the original
song. It’s Unbelievable and Heart and Soul are two more of those
songs that I may know, but seriously doubt I do. First, It’s Unbelievable I never have heard but the woman singer has a
beautiful voice. Next, Heart and Soul
I’ve never heard either. It is a song that you would expect on a doo-wop album.

            The album is amazingly re-mastered.
Its sound quality is amazing. I listen to these albums on my headphones, and by
far this is the best of the doo-wop albums I’ve listened to so far. Out of all
thirty-five songs only a handful I had heard before, but I’m guessing these
were put together for older couples or to make sure the music didn’t get lost
throughout time. Most of it just makes me wonder if boys were made to record
the lyrics before they hit puberty. 

Jeremy Frost for Country Music News International

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