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CD: DON & CONNIE HOUSE – For God and Country


For God and Country


After Texas – One Day At A Time – Look At Me
– Far Side Banks of Jordan – America The Beautiful – Soldier’s Last
Letter – The Strangest Dream – God Bless America Again – Texas Memories –
God Bless America
Where do you go, after Texas?  What a nice CD to hear just
before we leave Texas and head back to Iowa.  Connie House is a good
songwriter.  She’s equally a super nice singer.  Backing band is super
good too.  I like the light touch of the drums, it doesn’t offend, nor
does it take away from the other instruments.  Sounds like a double
electric lead on most of the songs, and it does sound good.  Bass is
just right, matches with Connie’s fine voice.  Liked the additional
harmony on “One Day At A Time.”  Don House’s version of Terry Smith’s
“Far Side Banks of Jordan” puts him somewhat beneath Connie in vocal
ability.   Still, the song is meant for the elderly as they begin to
review what life might be like without their mate.  Connie has three
very distinct and very well done songs about America on this CD. 
“America The Beautiful” “God Bless America Again” and “God Bless
America,” all three done amazingly well.  According to the liner notes
on the CD the last song was listed as “Texas Memories” by Don House, but
it is actually second to last, the last song being Connie’s beautiful
version of “God Bless America.”  The House’s make their home in Boston,
Massachusetts, (when they are not in Arizona), and were our Gospel
Stage’s Host and Hostess last year in LeMars. We are all hoping they can
return and do it all again.  I want to hear more of Connie on that
Gospel stage.  We’re trying to put together a ‘Boston Show’ for Connie,
and I’m still finagling for more artists from Massachusetts.  Good CD
House’s, good enough to go to the Rural Roots Music Commission, and see
what they think.  Thanks for sending it.  If you are interested in
buying this delightful CD, please telephone them at 928-758-8792.
Review by Bob Everhart  www.ntcma.net  
for Country Music News International

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