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CD: Diana Kelley

Diana Kelley

or Catchin’    3:26 You Hide it Well              3:33
Had Us
a Come to Jesus          4:08 Gonna Make the Heavens Cry               3:10
Sizzle  3:27

huh, how do I politically correctly say this? If this were a guy, I may say
that it’s an obvious reference to his sexuality, and the kind of man he was in
his relationships. But, it’s a woman and in this day and age with all the
research polls stating that woman are the breadwinners of the family it could
actually mean either the position they take in their relationships with women
or men. I think Pitchin’ or Catchin’ is
not only going to be confusing for the singer but also the listener as well.

            Okay, after listening to it again I
think she wants to be in that dominant role. I can picture her coming out in a
black leather mask, handcuffs, and a whip. I really think whoever married her
wishes they never bought the ring, or the key, to unleash the Kraken.

Hide it Well
is number two. The title itself scares me. Her voice itself if
you close your eyes and have no preconceived notions of what she looks like, I
bet you’ll picture Stevie Nicks. Uh, this must really be about the same guy. I
feel really sorry for him. I can just hear the whip cracking in the song.

Us a Come to Jesus?
Whoa, I don’t know what just happened. Like I said, I
feel sorry for whoever was the cause of these. Better grab your bible and go
with the little woman down to church. I think the preacher’s callin’.

Make the Heavens Cry
is a beautiful song; lyrically, vocally, and the
acoustic melody. I think Diana Kelley found her voice. Now, I wish the rest of
the album had been like this.

            The final song Sizzle keeps that same dark, mellow sound you’d hear sitting alone
in an old smoke filled bar, where after a few drinks the red neon of the sign
would light up and cause a shadow

swear she knelt down, put her hands together, and glared up at the heaven’s. across
the floor as someone swaggers toward you.

I would’ve really hated this
album, if it didn’t contain song four. Song four really caused a redemption like
the singer was coming to me for penance. 

Jeremy Frost for Country Music News International

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