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CD: DELANEY JOHNSTON – I’m Little But I’m Loud


I’m Little But I’m Loud


Try A Little Kindness – Mockin’ Bird Hill –
I’m Little But I’m Loud – How Much Is That Doggie In The Window –
Dialogue – Jackson – Johnny B. Goode – I’m Gonna Lasso Santa Claus –
Rockin’ Robin – How Far Is Heaven – What A Friend We Have In Jesus
Listening to a good CD is kind of like starting a book. 
With the book you can usually tell by the end of the first chapter if
you are going to like it or not.  Music is similar.  You can usually
tell if you are going to like the artist by the end of the first song
you hear.  Some in the music business give the song ten seconds. 
Delaney Johnston is a little 10-year old South Dakota girl.  She had
been listening to, and singing, country music for a few years.  Then one
day in 2011, she had the chance to go with her grandmother to see
Sherwin Linton and the Cotton Kings, the upper Midwest’s most popular
traditional and classic country act.  She timidly asked Sherwin if he
could sing “Jackson” for her grandma.  Sherwin said ‘sure,’ then asked
her if she could sing it.  “Sure” she said, and so it began.  Under
Sherwin’s tutelage she developed an enviable repertoire of songs,
appearing with Sherwin and his band whenever the opportunity arose. 
Now, they have gotten it all together under one tent, and what a neat CD
this is.  I was right.  I liked this the minute this little girl began
to sing.  By the end of the first song my eyes were already misted
over.  What’s more, this particular recording very adequately
demonstrates how musicians react when they truly enjoy what they are
doing.  Take away all the money, the trapping, the fame, the ego, and
this is the result.  You’ll hear Sherwin Linton and the Cotton Kings
doing one incredibly gifted session backing a little girl from South
Dakota with not only terrific musicianship, but with the ‘love’ that
only comes once in awhile when the opportunity to help some one else do
good, really good, comes along.  Sherwin is one shrewd and gifted
guitarist as well as lead vocalist, and helping him is a group of
wonderful music makers: his lovely wife Pam Linton; Norton Lawellin;
Kenny Wilson; Pete Brooks; Kurt Olson; Catie Jo Patell; Deliah Johnston;
and Jason Johnston.  Sherwin calls this coming together with Delaney
Johnston “serendipity – good things happen by accident.”  I call it the
work of the Lord Jesus.  There is another song on this CD that misted me
over.  The legendary Patti Page came to our festival in 2010.  Sherwin
and Pam Linton were there.  One of the things Patti Page told Sheila and
I when she left to go back to her home in California…”Keep it country
Bob and Sheila, there isn’t much of it left anymore.”  And here her
song is again, done by this little ten year old girl from South Dakota. 
“How Much Is That Doggie In The Window”  Somehow I believe that
America’s incredible ‘rural’ music will survive.  How can it get much
better.  It’s also really neat to see the ‘real’ Sherwin Linton in the
publicity photos with Delaney.  This CD will be forwarded to the Rural
Roots Music Commission for their review.  If there’s any other
‘youngster’ out there to compete with Delaney, they’d sure better show
up soon.  Super hit from Black Gold Records, Box 48100, Minneapolis, MN
55448  Review by 
Bob Everhart www.ntcma.net 
for Country Music News International

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