CD: DAVID GREEN – Picks Grandad’s Fiddle Tunes

Picks Grandad’s Fiddle Tunes
Wing – Shamus O’Brian – Grandad’s Fiddle Tune – I’ll Be All Smiles
Tonight – Flop Eared Mule – Goodnight Waltz – In The Garden – Red-Haired
Boy – Faded Love – Jimmy Brown – Whispering – Punk’in Valley
Schottische – Barbara Polka – Ookpick Waltz
of you know that I am ‘tuned’ in to old-time songs, especially well
played ones.  This CD by Avoca, Iowa, picker David Green is an all
instrumental CD, and it is all just him.  He laid down the lead line,
and the rhythm line all by himself.  It amazes me that a young picker
like David still knows these songs, still has them in his mind, and can
still play them so accurately.  It’s not just ‘accuracy’ that David is
reaching, it’s a very ‘true’ representation of what these songs sounded
like so long ago.  He has dedicated this entire album to his Grandad and
Grammy, with a photo of a very young David being held in their arms on
the CD  itself.  Super good cleverness.  David still has a great deal of
respect for his family, his mom and dad, and of course with this album
his grandpa and grandma, who he dedicated it to.  He’s also playing on a
very beautiful sounding guitar.  Guitarists can get very sulky about
how their guitar should sound.  Some go for a big bass sound, others go
for a gentle sweet sound.  David goes for a sound that is accurate.  To
me that’s about as beautiful as it gets.  From my own long time
association with some of the best fiddlers in the upper Midwest, I’m
pretty familiar with all of these songs, except ‘Grandad’s Fiddle Tune’
even though the melody sure rings with some familiar notes and changes. 
Recorded at the R&H Studios, Rick Anderson the engineer is also a
very gifted guitarist, and took the time to make sure that everything
was engineered just right, so the sound coming out sounds much larger
than it was at the time of recording, and as ‘true’ to the style and
genre as it can get.  David has been influenced in his music by his
Uncle Ben one of the early and very best bluegrass band leaders in
Kansas.  I can hear his Uncle coming through, especially on “I’ll Be All
Smiles Tonight.”  In total, this very elegant album, even though it’s
all instrumental, is a CD that anyone who likes the old tunes of the
upper Midwest should have in their library.  Just put it on and have a
cup of coffee of tea, put a fire in the fireplace if you have one, turn
everything else down or off (like the TV) and wander back in time with
your memory and revisit a time and place in your own life that was not
nearly so ‘busy’ or so ‘distracted’ as it is today.  What a wonderful
relaxing repository David has created with this wonderful return to the
past.  I’ll just bet both his mom and dad marvel every time they put
this CD on the old turntable.  Well maybe not an old turntable, but CD
or not, it sounds good no matter what.  We don’t often get
‘instrumentals’ to review, so I know when I submit this wonderful work
to the Rural Roots Music Commission, they are going to perk right up. 
Masterful work.  David Green is at 913-909-334.
Review by Bob Everhart, President NTCMA
for Country Music News International 

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