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                                                  NO MORE PENNIES
        Well!Well! Let’s
go….Hello Country People! this time….Dave Gunning to you!
He is a singer and songwriter that was born in Pictou County Nova
Scotia.In 1981, Gunning see a show that change his life and put him in
music way…from this year away he goes ahead to the music…
The name of the singer that he listen is John Allan and Stan Rogers.His
carreer begginns in 1997 and goes until our days!
         To you the site: http://www.davegunning.com/   enjoy it!
          Lets go to musics:
1)All along the way
 2)Coal from the rain
 3)We can’t win
 4)A game going’on
 6)The Family name
 7)Too soon to back
  8)Little White seedsW.Karine Polwart)
  9)when the cold wheater comes.
  10)The weigth of my guitar
   11)That’s when we fell
    12)Living in Alberta.
Regina and I ,Ronaldo we both stay two weeks doing this
review….because we dont see nothing bad…only good things
…musics…guitar…etc….all good …but I tell…Regina  there
is something wrong…You and I dont find nothing….its impossible…and
continue listen and discuss about….but we have a excelente pair of
ears and when we go to the site of Gunning…Oh! We are rigth !!!!The
guy is Good ….receive many prizes and so on …if you want ,please go
to the
site!!!!please!!!!Is toooooo much!!!!
                      What you need to do?Run.run, fast to have your CD of Gunning ….run….
All musics very good …Gunning perfect!!!!Receive our Stamp of Quality
RR -Ronaldo and Regina from Brasil!!!!Go Dave ,Go!!!! P.S. The first
music,All along the way is something very good ,like the others
too.RR-Regina and Ronaldo.

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