CD: Claire Lynch – Dear Sister

Claire Lynch
Dear Sister
How Many Moons  3:19 Doin’ Time  4:38 Once the Teardrops Start to Fall 4:28 Need
Someone 3:30 Dear Sister 4:44 I’ll Be Alright Tomorrow 2:54 Patch of Blue   3:10That
Kind of Love 3:56
Everybody Knows
I’ve Been Crying 3:52 Buttermilk Road-The Arbours 3:49
Wow. Tonight I’m really feeling my psychic
senses tingling. Kinda like Spiderman’s Spidey Senses, but I’m not Spiderman so
my psychic senses will have to do.  So
far I know nothing about this singer and I have never listened to her before.
Everyone reading this must remember I am not listening to this and I’m going to
use my special psychic powers only. I just need a few things. Let me go through
my checklist; weird gypsy scarf for my head, check; steel black sorcerer’s cauldron,
check; lots of bells, check; open window, check; fake crystal ball I bought at
a magic shop, check; eerie ship horn sound far off in the ocean, check; black
book full of spells, check; dry ice to make it look like fog, check; and last
but not least Eye of Newt.
Shit, does anyone out there have any Eye
of Newt? Okay, I’ll have to do without it. Is everyone ready?
Okay, Claire Lynch is a woman. She sings
Country Music. Fine, anyone could know that. I’ll have to delve deeper into my
crystal ball and cauldron. Wait. Wait. Wait. I’m seeing a woman looking through
bars at the moon. The moon keeps passing by, like days and nights are passing.
I feel like Claire is in a jail cell. She’s very sad. I see teardrops rolling
down her cheek. Hold on. Now, I feel like she’s very lonely.
me remind you I know nothing about this album, I’m not listening to it now.
I’m still sensing that she is very
lonely. Her cellmate Lisa isn’t helping. Claire misses her sister. Uh, the cauldron
is telling me something. Wait a minute. Something’s changed. I’m getting a feeling
like Lisa has finally had her way with Claire and now they are in a committed
relationship. Claire is feeling special lesbian love. She doesn’t seem to care
that everyone knows she was sad before. Wait. Hold on. Now, I’m getting a sense
of something pouring over her. I can smell it. I’m just about able to taste it.
It’s Buttermilk. She is getting it poured over her body like in the movie “Flashdance,”
while wrapped up in an expression of love. Oh, my psychic powers have
completely faded.
Fine, I cheated. I just guessed it from
the song titles. I never said I wasn’t reading them. I only stated I wasn’t listening to the album. The girl on
girl thing I just made up, lipstick lesbian Lisa, just sounded good. Anyway,
let me see if I was even close. How Many
absolutely beautiful voice and the acoustic guitar really drives
this. I don’t know what to say the fiddle or violin just amplifies it. I know
when to admit I was wrong. The song is about waiting, but not the time of incarceration.
It’s about waiting for someone she is crazy in love with. I think that they’ve
broken up and she is wondering how he gets by without her.

was the song title that made me think she was in prison. I’m probably sure I’m
about 100% wrong on this one too.  Doin’ Time is a bit faster guitar
picking. Lyrically, she is trying to get away from her past mistakes with the
yellow highway lines keeping her away from it. Once the Teardrops Start to Fall, has a much different feel. Just
from the beginning you can hear it in the bass. It sounds a bit New Orleans influenced,
or at least a heavy Bayou sound. In,  Need Someone, she states that she needs
someone to love. But, with that voice I couldn’t begin to understand why. If I
watched those notes flow from her into the air, and if I wasn’t married, I
would feel obligated to tell her she could love me.
Okay, okay, okay. I was wrong so far. I
can admit it. My psychic powers really suck. Maybe, it’s because of my fake
crystal ball. Dear Sister, is the
title track. I’ll tell you the truth, I’ve been waiting for this song since I
saw the album title. It starts off with what I was expecting a beautiful
acoustic with a very sweet melodic rhythm. These are the kinds of songs that I
love to hear. It seems to be a letter written during the tired, lonely hours of
the night. The pictures of civil war battles seem to get you drawn into the
mood. She sings about maybe dying at Stones River, which was one of the
bloodiest battles of the war that took place in Tennessee. I’ll be Alright Tomorrow comes in and picks up the pace again. I
think it may be about her husband or boyfriend telling her I’ll be home
I felt blown away by this album. Dear Sister was the perfect song to name
the album after. I believe if you’ve never heard of Claire Lynch before, you’ll
be hearing her name soon. The only problem I had with it was, I’ll be Alright Tomorrow. It wasn’t that
it was bad or lacked musical merit. It just didn’t seem to fit for me. The rest
of the album I couldn’t really say anything but WOW. I don’t know, maybe I wasn’t
expecting it from my incredibly terrible psychic reading. But, I blame that on
everyone out there who read this and couldn’t supply me with Eye of Newt.

Frost for Country Music News International

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