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CD: CINDY HILL – Jesus Can Put Me Together Again


Jesus Can Put Me Together Again
Jesus Can Put Me Together Again – I’m
Leaning On The Promises Of God – Memories of Mother – When They Rang The
Golden Bells – Where No Castles Fall – Me & The Devil Can’t Get
Along Anymore – How Great Thou Art – Leaving on My Mind – I Like The Ol’
Time Worship of the Lord
In today’s world of ‘perfect’ music it’s getting harder and
harder to find the ‘real deal,’ especially in country music.   Any
recording studio worth it’s salt can ‘fix’ any error, any slip of the
tongue, any off key note….anything.  That’s what makes listening to
modern country music so difficult.  It’s all pretty much samey-samey
perfection, corporate produced to meet their standards of perfection,
but what they have done in doing this, is removing the individuality,
the gentle originality, the independent sound, the soul, yes the ‘soul’
of the music.  So when a CD like this one by Cindy Hill passes through
my hands and ears, I’m awake, I’m listening, I’m thrilled that I have
found another pure and individualistic piece of music that is the ‘real
deal.’ Cindy sings mostly old-time gospel with some originals on this
CD, she’s a fantastic mountain singer from Kentucky, making it so easy
to hear what country music really should be like.  She’s a rural lady,
she’s lives in the country, she has an astonishingly beautiful voice,
but mind….she’s ‘real’ country.  You won’t hear this record on any
top-forty so-called country music radio station.  It would embarrass
them.  But it would also remind them, very strongly, what country music
once was, and what it should ‘still be’ all about.  It’s kind of like
corporate-greed has stolen the ‘gift’ away from rural America, polished
it up, filled it full of antibiotics, washed it so clean there’s not one
piece of country ‘dirt’ anywhere to be found.  Country music it ain’t. 
This wonderful old-time gospel CD doesn’t have any ‘dirt’ on it either,
it’s one of the purest, cleanest, astonishingly ‘real’ old time country
gospel CD’s I’ve heard in a long long time.  I suspect once the Rural
Roots Music Commission hears this, there will be not doubt in their mind
about how ‘country’ this is. Expect to see, meet, and hear the
delightful Cindy Hill, direct from Kentucky, at the LeMars Music
Bob Everhart, www.ntcma.net

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