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Reviewer:: The Record Man, Dallas Texas
Well to put it bluntly, we have been hearing about this artist now
for sometime, and for some reason information has been scarce except for rumors
on music row in Nashville.
Last night a music video on the title song “IN TROUBLE” was
released on you tube as a sneak preview for only 48 hours, with a
promise that it would be deleted after that, once again adding to the mystery of
this artist.
So in short, it was time to find out the facts (Since the public,
including myself, has yet to hear this album). It seems that the artist
CHRIS RIDE has been known to just drop in on songwriter nights in Nashville at
different clubs , Play a few songs from the album and then disappear as
quickly as he appeared.
So I went to work, First off trying to contact the artist (NO LUCK
THERE) Then my aim was switch to contacting the producer of the album Doc
Holiday who seems to be as reclusive as the artist, and after 9 phone
calls to my industry contacts, I managed to reach Mr. Holiday by phone,
filled him in on what I was trying to do (Get a copy of IN TROUBLE AGAIN to
review it) Mr. Holiday told me flatly that was not possible until September of
this year. After a brief begging he agreed to send me partial MP3’s of the
full album (16 original songs written by Chris Ride) with my personal promise
not to release the tracks to anyone but myself for review purposes. I Agreed,
and magic there were the 16 MP3’s in my in box). OK I will make this as
brief as possible, First off the video of the title song was awesome to say the
lease. A High Def production worthy of any major network.  They bill him as
the Bad Boy of Country Music, and his look sure fits the bill!!!  I
listened to all 16 songs, The production was outstanding, top drawer, they cut
no corners, and it’s said that it took over a year to do the album at QUAD
Studios In Nashville using Doc Holiday’s legendary studio “A”
team. Every song was better than the previous song, there were no album fillers
on this release.  His music seems to be, in my opinion, what
would happen if Dave Mathews, Bruce Springsteen and Chris Ride had a jam
and this was the result. He’s different. He’s got a style, He can rock it 
or he can make it smooth and moody. BUT I guess we are all going to have to

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