CD: CHAD ELLIOTT – So Sang The Crow


So Sang The Crow
Great High Plains – Cold, Dark and Low – So
Sang The Crow – The Contender – Ghost On The Prairie – Montana – Oak
Tree Grave – Burning Bridges – Blue Bonnets – Drawing Board
This stunningly beautiful recording artist makes his home
in Coon Rapids, Iowa.  I was so surprised to receive this incredibly
good album of what I would immediately call Americana country-folk
music.  The very first song takes the listener on a great bouncy musical
trip, well written song with a ‘right on the mark’ banjo playing an
older style, and a fiddler that makes it sound like you are in an old
barn somewhere, listening to some incredibly gifted music.  
doesn’t tell us who is playing that wonderful bouncy banjo, but the
fiddler is Aaron Howard.  This very nice project was recorded at the
Basecamp Recording Studio in Bozeman, Montana, and it turned out
remarkably well done for Chad.  He classifies his music as Americana,
roots, and country.  Personally I feel he is much more than that.  He is
a most excellent ‘folk’ artist of the first order, and his ability to
stay away from ‘modern’ country and focus on a more traditional and
classic sound is immediately noticed and noticeable.  All of these songs
are his, and all of them are using words to paint pictures , telling
stories, experiences, a sort of Mark Twain approach to America’s stories
in verse and song. Chad has 19 albums out, and is working on #20 to be
recorded in Nashville.  This album however, is kind of like fighting the
good fight in a life of challenge.  Coon Rapids is a small town in
Iowa, but it’s a beautiful ‘rural’ life style experience, and Chad
doesn’t spend all his time writing and recording music.  He’s also an
artist utilizing what I would call reminisces in a ‘style’ made so
popular by Diego Rivera.  Like his music, his artistry with a paint
brush and color, is also very unique and very attractive.  This CD is
off and running to the Rural Roots Music Commission.  The deadline for
this year’s ‘picks’ isn’t until sometime in July, but they are already
making decisions so I hope I get it to them in time.  It’s still early
in the year, but this is without a doubt the best ‘new’ ideas, melodies,
verses, songwriting, album I’ve heard this year.  I found “Oak Tree
Grave” a remarkable listening experience, much like the first time I saw
“Oh Brother Where Art Thou.”  Incredible use of minimal sound effect in
the studio.  Like an old, slightly worn and frayed, black and white
photograph, this particular song stands out for me.  Much success to you
Chad Elliott.
for Country Music News International

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