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Remember Me


Hey Big Bird – Come Back To Ireland –
Remember Me – My Dixie Darling – God’s Plan – Absent Friends – The
Sweetest Thing – Mexican Way – Love For Me – Someone Is Looking For
Someone Like You – don’t Tell Me What To Do – Victorie In View
One of the most captivating acts doing American style
country music in Europe, is without a doubt Ben & Carmen Steneker, a
father-daughter duo that has captured the hearts and minds of just
about everyone that hears them sing. Ben has been a mind-catcher on both
sides of the Atlantic for many many years, captivating American fans as
well as European.  Daughter Carmen grew up listening to her father
sing, as well as his many friends that performed with and for him in his
own club in Holland.  Yes, Holland.  That’s where Ben and Carmen are
from.  It’s continually amazing to hear this delightful duo sing songs
that have an immediate ‘connect’ to what real traditional and classic
country music is all about.  You hear it instantly when the accordion
breaks out the beautiful song “Come Back To Ireland.”  The harmony by
father-daughter just simply cannot be topped.  Dutch country music
songwriter Dick van Altena contributes three amazing songs to this CD
project.  It continually amazes me that this combination of Dutch
songwriter and Dutch singers can capture the spirit and soul of what
country music is all about.  Ben’s voice is better than ever, and the
incredible ‘touch’ Carmen adds to it is amazing.  Backing music is also
incredibly good throughout this entire project.  The title song
“Remember Me” starts softly with a harp-sounding intro, letting
simplicity take the listener to the ultimate of sophistication. My
favorite song of all the great songs on this album is “My Dixie
Darling,” without a doubt.  Done to perfection, the harmony is exactly
as it should be by Appalachian standards, or Alabama, or Georgia, or
Mississippi, or Florida, or wherever you might be in the southern United
States.  Perfect guitar pickin’ and a stunning background Dobro.  The
whole CD speaks loudly of the professionalism and devotion this pair of
country singers has for this genre of music.  Holland should be very
proud of these excellent vocalists and performers of a musical genre
that rings and sings around the world.  I also like the closing song
“Victorie In View” which was written by Ben and Carmen and has some
great honky-tonk piano in it. .  This CD gets five stars, and certainly a
forwarding to the Rural Roots Music Commission.  Not sure if this
couple can claim a “CD of the Year” award, but I feel it on the horizon.
Review by Bob Everhart, President NTCMA  www.ntcma.net 
for Country Music News International

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