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CD: BARRY WARD Lonesome County Road


Lonesome County Road


Roman Nose – A Storm Abrewin’ – My Oklahoma Home – Colorado – Freedom in January – The Blizzard – Lonesome County

Road – Ghost Chickens in the Sky – Beyond the Western Sky – La Viborron –
I Hear Her Calling – White Horse of Glory – Hills of Ireland – The
Trail You Ride

How long has it been since you’ve heard a ‘story’ song in
country music?  Long time huh?  How long has it been since you’ve heard a
good ‘cowboy’ song?  Long time huh?  Flying W Productions out in
Colorado, has taken care of that.  In the face of contemporary country
music, a rugged cowboy from Colorado has taken a stand.  This CD has not
only got some terrific cowboy and western music on it, it also has some
terrific country music, this comes from the incredible steel guitar on
the song “Colorado” played by Ernie Martinez, who also played some
incredible mandolin on “My Oklahoma Home” that borders right on
traditional country.  Whew, I never thought I’d hear the music of Bob
Wills again, much less Gene Autry or Roy Rogers done by an adequate
performer of the genre today.  Barry Ward has worked with some of the
best in the ‘cowboy’ music realm, including Riders In The Sky.  Once you
turn this CD on, you won’t even drift away to the others I’ve just
mentioned, you’ll stay right next to Barry Ward, who contributed seven
original songs to this project, including “Lonesome County Road’ the
signature for this titled CD of the same name.  I love the traditional
country sound…you know “It’s only seven miles Mary Ann.”  This is a
prominent line in Harlan Howard’s “The Blizzard” and how wonderful it is
to watch the miles drift by with the drifting snow.  Ward brings the
‘story’ alive.  It’s still “Lonesome County Road’ I like best, it’s new,
it’s original, it’s a Barry Ward singing that puts him high on my
‘star’ list.  Barry is not only a sincere Christian, he’s a sincere
singer of songs. No wonder he received the Western Music Association’s
‘Male Performer of the Year” award in 2013.  As well as the 2012
Association of Western Artists “Will Rogers Award” for the western music
song of the year.  Barry Ward is a quiet sort of cowboy, and lets his
merits speak for themselves.  First American cowboy singer to perform in
Cameroon, Africa.  A cowboy music performance in Carnegie Hall. 
Guest-hosting RFD-TV’s Cowboy Church.  Maybe one more coming up.  I’m
definitely forwarding this CD to the Rural Roots Music Commission for
their ‘CD of the Year’ award. I’m also pretty sure the category is going
to be somewhere in the ‘western music’  category.  Good luck Barry Ward
in all things you do.  Go with Christ, and go with victory.
Flying W Productions, 2782 County Road 98, Elbert, CO 80106
Review by Bob Everhart, President NTCMA  www.ntcma.net
for Country Music News International

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