CD: ANGIE SANGER – Legendary Ladies


Legendary Ladies
 You Ain’t Woman Enough To Take My Man –
Sweet Dreams – I Don’t Claim To Be An Angel/Honky Tonk Angels – Help Me
Make It Through The Night – I Love You Arizona – Seven Lonely Days –
Bill Bailey Won’t You Come Home – I’m Not Lisa – Jolene – Somebody
Somewhere – Coat Of Many Colors – She’s Got You – South Of The Border –
Stand By Your Man – God Bless America Again
One of the best things about the Country Music Associations
CD Awards show is that it’s over!  It has become one of the most phony,
money grubbing, ego maniacal music events in America.  Which makes it
even more pleasant for me to have the opportunity to listen to a ‘real’
country music artist to counter the incredible falseness of ‘commercial
country’ music today.  Angie Sanger is a ‘real’ country artist, and she
proves it, with her real voice, her real presence, her real music
backing….all of it ‘real’ country.  She doesn’t spend millions of
dollars to get people to listen to her recordings.  She doesn’t run her
voice through the magic-box to remove any irregularities.  She doesn’t
‘buy’ time on radio and television to ‘advertise’ her recordings.  She
doesn’t have to.  She’s real, and the real-deal on this particular CD is
absolutely amazing.  Her selection of ‘real’ country music songs done
by some of the most gifted female country singers in the history of the
genre is stunning.  When someone like Miranda Lambert steps into the
spotlight to tell us all she’s the most decorated female country music
artist in history, she fails to ‘remember’ Loretta Lynn and Dolly
Parton, and Patsy Cline, all of whom have more awards than Lambert can
count, and ALL of them are ‘real’ country singers, not a phony money
clinging studio perfected voice like Lambert.  Angie Senger is probably a
name Lambert has never heard, but she should.  One listen to this
‘perfect’ country voice should make chills in the spine, and it does to
most ‘true’ country music fans.  Be that as it may, Angie Senger sings
circles around Lambert, and her backing band is as good, or better, than
Nashville.  Angie (unlike MOST female commercial country singers today)
actually plays the rhythm guitar as well as the bass.  Joe Chock is on
the ‘real’ pedal steel, Greg Dobb and Mike Walters are on lead guitar,
and Kipp Galloway is on a nicely mixed drum.  And guess what, this
absolutely wonderful CD was recorded in Minnesota.  Oh please, don’t
tell me that ‘country’ music has to be recorded in Nashville.  That’s
the worst place in the world to get a ‘real’ country feel in the music
today.  Take this one to the bank Angie, and I’ll submit it to the Rural
Roots Music Commission as well.  Don’t worry, Lambert can’t ‘buy’ the
Commission, they’re not for sale.

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