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Back To God
Back To God – What Would Our World Be – New
Horizons – A Man Stands The Tallest – On The Wings Of A Dove – Far Side
Banks of Jordan – How Great Thou Art – One Day At A Time – Old Rugged
Cross – Just A Closer Walk With Thee
    Andy Stanley makes his home in Michigan, and he’s an
old friend that has been doing ‘real’ country music for a long long
time.  His dairy-farm operations have been very successful for him,
giving him the ways and means to bring his ‘style’ of country music to
the CD-disc, and the public at large, making it possible for all of us
to enjoy his music.  His biggest hit so far has been “Snowgoose” which
received considerable radio air play.  It kind of reminds me of how Andy
sings.  If you like Eddy Arnold blended with Burl Ives, you kind of
have what Andy Stanley sounds like as a vocalist.
    He’s also a songwriter and wrote two songs on this
album, but he is also using some really nice original songs from mutual
friends.  Terry Smith is the guy who wrote ‘Far Side Banks of Jordan’
for Johnny and June Carter Cash, and Andy does a magnificent job on the
song on this CD.  Both Terry and Andy will be at the 40th National
Old-Time Country Music Gathering in LeMars, Iowa, this year (Aug 31-Sept
6).  So will Daniel Tousignant who wrote “What Would Our World Be.” 
Quite a gathering of really good songwriters.
     I really like the musical instrumentation backing on
this CD, lots of very nice, not too loud, steel guitar which is no
longer featured in so called ‘country’ music of today.  Neither is the
fiddle, and the latest development is to eliminate the guitar lead so
radio stations who play this ‘kind’ of modern music has more time for
commercials.  Wow, what in the world happened to country music.  Thank
God we have the likes of Andy Stanley who continues the ‘real’ work of
‘real’ country music.  And, he’s not afraid or ashamed to sing his songs
to the glory of Jesus Christ, the savior and salvation of nearly every
single one of ‘real’ country music fans, myself included.  Thank you for
that Andy Stanley for the strength of character, and the strength of an
artist to keep the vitally important part of our lives intact and
meaningful to all of us.
  Five stars to Andy Stanley on “Back To God.”  Bring some with you to LeMars Andy.
for Country Music News International Magazine

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