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Truest Love


Banks of the Ohio – Dancing In The Kitchen –
Only Yesterday – I’d Do It All Again – Truest Love – Matching Baggage –
Like An Old Shoe – Ken Witt Park – Rancher’s Lullaby
I knew I would like this album from the very first song. 
“Banks of the Ohio” is one of my favorite old-time folk ballads about a
love gone awry.  Well, the ‘story’ isn’t so romantic at the end, but the
rest of this album is chock full of great ‘love realized’ songs, not
the least of them being Jack Langley’s great song “Like an Old Shoe.” 
You might remember Nancy Jensen as the beautiful flute player
accompanying Jack Langley when he is doing a ‘folk’ set.  Pure
entertainment of the number one sort.  This magical combination just
can’t be beaten in my book.  This song is a creative original direct
from the upper Midwest that not only tells it like it is, sung by Jack
with Nancy’s flute playing along is an incredible listening treat.  So
is it on this album with Allen doing the lead vocalist job.  He’s an
authentic ‘country’ singer.  He doesn’t ‘flash’ his talent, he lets it
ride slowly and gently on the melody lines he rides on.  Home is where
the heart is, and this album is exactly that.  Nancy has a beautiful
voice too, and adds tremendously not only with harmony, but also lead
lines.  Extremely well done.  It’s also interesting to see a Charley
Groth song pop up on this CD, so far from his home in Largo, Florida. 
Charley is a good songwriter as this song so adequately demonstrates,
and in the down-home voices and style of Allen and Nancy, it’s just
right.  Jack Langley’s son Mike did most of the guitar backing with
acoustic lead and bass, and recorded in his studio in Sioux City.  Nice
job well done.  Allen & Nancy Jensen at 89133 380th Ave., Heron
Lake, MN 56137  
Review by Bob Everhart www.ntcma.net for Country Music News International

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