CD: ADAM POPE – Story & Song

Story & Song
Long Lost Friend – Story – Promising Career –
Story – The Cheatin’ Song – Story – Beagles Run – Story – Won’t You Be
My Gal (Waffle House Song) – Story – But Then We Got Married – Story –
Just the Thought – Story – My Leftovers – Story – Three Different Women –
Story – Reflection Of You – Pud Teater – Story – If Our Lo ve – Story –
What He’ll Leave Behind – Bonus Story – Everything To Us
“The world still needs to hear country music.”  According
to Adam Pope, writer, composer, singer, recording artist, ‘country
music’ has always been an ‘old friend’ to many of us.  Not to many, to
hundreds of thousands of millions. It’s that ‘old friend’ Adam is
pursuing, in the least likely of places, Nashville, Tennessee.  What an
interesting approach to recording original songs.  He’s a terrific
writer, in the typical, well understood, topical tropical approach. 
It’s coming right off the top of his head, panama hat or not.  He makes
his home in Cottontown, Tennessee, where he abides his time with wife
and son, continuing his endless efforts trying to get some ‘real’
country music in front of the very ‘phony’ song users of Nashville, in a
brave attempt to get them to wake up to the real world of real country
music.  Wherever you see ‘story’ in the listing of songs, you hear Adam
‘talking’ about his experiences, why he wrote some songs, why he didn’t
others.  For Adam Pope, “it all begins with a story and ends with a
song,” couldn’t be more truthful.  There’s a ton of musicians on this
project, many if not most playing different instruments at different
times.  The bottom line on sound is this is truly a nice representation
of classic and traditional country music utilizing the incredible
adeptness of a good producer (Adam), to put together a remarkable final
product.  For me this is a far different approach to what is happening
in Nashville these days, this is truly an ‘individualist’ approach to a
finished product, but not just a ‘product’ to listen to, mumble about,
argue about, toss about, or throw away.  This CD has truly earned it’s
‘right’ to be listened to by important people in the music business. 
Whether that happens or not might depend a great deal on another element
that Adam Pope keeps at the forefront.  He’s a Christian, and not
afraid to say that, or even write and dedicate some of his music to that
end.  He has a little ‘touch’ of Merle in his voice, but he’s solidly
his own man when it comes to writing and recording good well-written
songs. He adds a considerable amount of ‘personal experiences’ in his
songwriting, and they are great.  He drifts a little away from that ‘old
friend’ he started out with on the first song, but not so much that any
traditional or classic country fan would dislike.  His ‘stories in the
songs’ is paramount, and that is what ‘real’ country music has always
been about.  His ‘love’ that he so valiantly places in each and every
element of this recording is also very present.  It’s the new season for
me to forward CD’s I review to the Rural Roots Music Commission for
their review for CD of the Year awards.  Good luck Adam Pope, I think
you’re great.
for Country Music News International

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