CD: 49 Special – The Barfly

49 Special
The Barfly
 49 special - barfly (2013)
The Barfly 3:56 Underneath the Texas Heat 3:08 Gone Rambling
3:13 Lowdown 4:38 Up to Dallas 2:58 Stop Making Excuses 3:07 Cherokee Squaw
2:51 Can’t Get You Out of My Mind 4:24 Return of the Gunfighter 3:24 Untrue
3:20 Leaving Denver 3:28 Wham Bam Slam 2:20
Talk about a hell of a
waste of two holidays now. I had brain surgery a few years ago because of a car
accident while in Thailand. The night it happened I was kicked out of this
pricks house and wound up in a car on the way to a party. Two weeks after
surgery, I was kicked out on Christmas Eve. I spent the night in the airport,
then when I went to take my flight on Christmas Day to get home to spend with
my wife and daughter customs told me I wasn’t allowed to fly. The prick called
customs to block my flight. Well, that same prick showed up to ruin my Thanksgiving
today. At least I have an album to review.
The title track, The Barfly, reminds me of how I feel, or
better yet what I’d love to say. The lyrics alone will keep anyone amused. You’ll
feel that sense of connection if you’ve ever had those people trying to put you
down for having a bit of fun. “Well, hello I’m the barfly; 24-7 low life loser.
Shake hands. Meet and greet the barfly… yours truly loser, 24-7 full time boozer.”
Need they say anything more?
the Texas Heat
kind of changes the tone. It almost
really puts that feeling from track 1 into an explanation of who they really
are. It has that soft melodic romantically written justification that tells the
people to remember who they said they were and go away. I could just imagine
this song being played outside near the water under a sky full of stars.
kind of has a tumble-weed blowing by as the wagon
keeps rolling. The piano and the bass really set the tone as the guitar comes
in quite sharp with a bit of howling. Lowdown
opens up with a guitar solo. It’s the tale of a guy being completely down on
his luck. I’ve been pretty down in my life but never this down.
opens up with Native American tribal drums that
carry on throughout the song. It has a somewhat dark sound. Return of the Gunfighter is a great song
that tells of the singer meeting up with a gunfighter. This song reminds me a
lot of ‘The Man in Black’ himself. It has some brass accompanying galloping
horse in the wind.
Bam Slam
I just had to listen to. The title peaked my
interest and the song delivered. Some great guitar solos, hooting and hollering,
and some fun lyrics really make this a great song to end the album with.
It’s hard to believe
that this band comes from Porto, Portugal. They carry that western country and
honky-tonk better than most bands I’ve reviewed. I’d suggest you go ahead and
listen to this album. It’ll most likely make you a 49 Special convert. 
Jeremy Frost for Country Music News International

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