Carl, Cowboy-Lone’s husband, home from Church one Sunday

She is quiet a Spontaneous Gal when it pertains to her Music.
Like when she wrote her #1 Hit song, “The Last Farewell”. 


came home from Church one Sunday about Noon. She would not talk all
that much after Church that day on the way home. I only thought the
Pasture had got her thinking about some thing.
We came in the house, and she went to the kitchen table set down tool
Paper and pin and started writing. She ask me about the spelling of some
words in English, but that was it. About 10 minutes later she got up.
Walked around the house looking at the paper.
Then brought it to me. She said, What do you think of this? I red the
words, and tears formed in my eyes. I told her to send it to Nashville
to Steven Cooper. He had put music to a few of her songs that had hit #1
on a couple of charts and she got Awards also
for them. Lone told me, “You know Steven is Retired now and he will not
write music any more? Yes, I said. However just let him read it over
and ask him for his opinion. After all he has been doing this for years
and knows the business. She sent it the next
day. After a week or so he got a hold of her on Messenger on computer.
“Lone, can I put music to these words?” She told him, “Of course you
can. I thought you was retired?” Steven said, “I just have a funny
feeling about this.” It took him a half
the music. Steven Cooper is a Perfectionist. When she listened to the
being sang by a Lady in Steven’s Studio with the Music only Steven
Cooper can create, Lone cried and cried. Tears again filled my eyes
also. NO one, has ever written a song any where like this. She entered
it in a couple contest just to see what others thought.
Before she knew it she was popping the charts they was connected to.
She got 2 awards right away. Then some time later she received the
Akademia Executive Award 2019 for it. We was at a club in Huntsville
Alabama and she took a break and was listing to a part
of the Broadcast. All of a sudden she burst through the doors crying
and hollering. When she got to the mike she apologized and told what was
going on. The Club went wild.


saying, “
Why did God give me that song?” She goes to Church
some times and she does believe in God.
one corresponding with her on the internet knows she writes English
just like she speaks it, with an accent. Every one of the songs she has
written is on a spur of the moment. She will write a song in 10 to 15
minutes. I will help correct spelling that is.
She says maybe some day she will get and answer as to why God gave her
songs. Every time she sends in a song to sound click or any of the
other charts they hit #1 and stay for a good while. All of her songs
tell about Real life. NOT Fantasy.
has 90% of her songs on her web page. Lone is a True Artist.
She loves to see the smiles on people’s faces and see them singing with
her. This is what she lives for. THE LAST FAREWELL, WALKING AND

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