Brit Taylor – Real Me

CD Review: Brit Taylor – Real Me

by Terry Kates for Country Music News International


  1. Back In The Fire 2:52
  2. Real Me 3:19
  3. Wagon 3:02
  4. Waking Up Ain’t Easy 3:23
  5. Love Me Back 2:59
  6. Broken Heart Breaks 2:38
  7. Married Again 2:29
  8. Leave Me Tomorrow 2:50
  9. Raggedy Heart 2:52
  10. Go Down Swingin 2:19


If you think traditional country music was on its way out, think again. In her debut album, “Real Me”, Brit Taylor melds traditional country with a modern twist of her own. Sway along with the swampy “Back In The Fire” that kicks off the album brilliantly showing off her sultry voice. “Maybe you’ll run. Maybe you’ll hide”, but with the title track Brit wants to show you the “Real Me”…and we’re glad to get to know her! In “Wagon”, you can “hitch your horse to her[s]” but don’t drag her down, or she’ll “cut you loose”!


Grammy nominated producer Dave Brainard (Brandy Clark, Jarrod Niemann, Sunny Sweeny, Jamey Johnson) sprinkles his country music magic on every track as does hit songwriter Dan Auerbach who co-wrote the album with Brit.


Feel the ache in her voice on “Love Me Back” and the two three-quarter time tunes “Raggety Heart” and “Broken Hearts Break” (along with a bit of yodeling, to boot!). The crying steel guitar pleasingly adds to the heartbreak. Never say never, but she swears she’ll never again get hitched in the playful “Married Again”. Have you ever had that feeling of a sad song that somehow makes you feel happy? The calypso rhythms of “Leave Me Tomorrow” paired with Brit’s sorrowful voice will do just that. The musicianship on this album is top-notch. Wrapping up the album is a traditional western-swing tune “Go Down Swingin'” which allows them to show off a bit.


If you’ve been searching for an artist true to country music with a voice that will leave you wanting more and all of the fiddle, harmonica, guitar, dobro, and steel guitar you expect in a country album, look no further. Brit Taylor’s “Real Me” will not disappoint.

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