Brit Taylor – Real Me

CD Review: Brit Taylor – Real Me

by Matt Belyea for Country Music News International

This East Kentucky country gal shows her love of traditional country music, with nods 60’s classic country.  I’d call this “Easy Listening” but the best representation of the genre, without any negative any implications.  This album’s recording and production harkens back to some great mixes of the 1960’s.   Big sounds, lush strings and reverb-laden instrumentation, while Brit’s voice is completely in control of every track on this great recording.


Brit Taylor – Real Me


Back in the fire again:   Swampy feel to the song with nice layering and smoky sensual vocals

Laid back feel with a great funky drum beat.  Somewhere in the back of my mind it reminds me a little bit of “Ode to Billy Joe”.


Go Down Swinging:  Pick up a tune that showcases her vocals gymnastics in an old school

swing tune.  The production is very straightforward, old school chord progression that doesn’t deviate into modern embellishments that would ruin the song.  Some Chet Atkins guitar licks are really fun on this tune, too…


Broken Heart Breaks: Very Patsy Cline, wonderful duet and lilting vocals, interrupted by a wobbly guitar break that probably sounded good through studio speakers, but the song recovers and the background pedal steel is solid country.  Beginning and end are weak on an otherwise pretty song.


Waking up Ain’t Easy:  Dreamy is something Brit has down, she combines the 60’s big

Countrypolitan sound, with a bit of a samba on this great tune.   Stretching lyrical lines that intersect the twangy guitar riff holds this song together and adds just the right amount of sway.


Wagon:  Another funky number that’s easy on the ears.  Again, I am very impressed with the production quality on this song, as well as the entire album.  1970’s style drum sounds, the layering of the instruments in the mix.


Leave me tomorrow;  This song literally gave me chills on my first listen.   I was transported back to the 60’s capitol recording sessions where the orchestra was recorded in studio A, and the producer just smiled.  The claves really bring such a wonderful backbeat to this song. A must listen.


Real Me:  A real change up,  that ventures into an almost Carpenters like lilting feel.  The harmony on this song is absolutely beautiful. The ending disappoints but otherwise a strong song that is easy on the ears.


Me and My Raggety heart:  A slow ballad that doesn’t go anywhere, but that’s okay. Showcasing Brit on this slow number is worth the listen.



I Aint Getting Married Again:  The 60’s classic country vibe just keeps coming on this song. I can see her performing on the Porter Wagoner show where she would fit in perfectly. The tune hits

Some high points and her voice is just so amazing with just the right amount of defiance in this song.  A beautiful guitar and pedal steel playfully give the song a really nice country swing.


Love Me Back:  Torchy ballad that hits right to the hook.  Vocals fit nicely in the mix, the drums

Are a little dry for my taste on this song, but nice little touches when the toms pan hard right and lift for fills.






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