Brian Lee Robinson The Heart Of Texas Comes Back Home

Brian Lee Robinson pens poetic songs within his latest EP, The
Texas Side of Nashville,
displaying a rich blend of Americana
and Country songwriting.

The pen is mightier than the sword, and
combined with music is all powerful!”
– Author, Sally

TEXAS, U.S.A.) August 1, 2016 –
Singer-songwriter Brian Lee
has the uncanny ability to compose his poetry into beautiful
songs. His latest EP, The Texas Side of Nashville, is
country music in its truest form. In this project, Brian fuses storytelling and
melodic musical scores into his trademark “Heart of Texas” style.

The Texas Side of Nashville consists of four tracks each based on Brian’s
life experiences. Brian taps into his deep down emotions and uses them to
empower his poetic songwriting skills. The result is an array of harmonious
storytelling melodies. Brian’s creative goal of this EP was to harness his
artistry and achieve, “… redemption for my self-inflicted past, and for my
future in country music.”
, his lyrics and six-string are the tools he utilizes to bring his
stories to life. This fact shines through within The Texas Side of Nashville.
Brian’s talent was handed down to
him by his father who passed away when he was only eight years old. But, he was
a hit songwriter himself, Brian would find out years later. Brian’s draws
inspiration from the likes of Hank
Williams Sr
. and Jr., Willie Nelson
, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, and Kris Kristofferson. By the age of twenty-one, Brian moved to Nashville and landed a job at
a Merit Music Publishing
. This position opened a door of opportunity for
him to meet talented writers such as; Roger
Alan Wade
, Jerry Barlow, and Mentor Williams, among many others.
The Texas Side of Nashville encompasses
four tracks that range from mid-tempo to one slower ballad. Each track is a
semi-autobiographical glance into Brian’s life. “That Old Cat” has a classic country/folk tune that seems a cross
with Johnny Cash and Townes Van Zandt
. The appeal
of this track is that it tells the poignant stories of friendship between him
and his loyal cat “Kelsey.” You don’t hear many songs about cats, don’t miss this
one. “The Gone Side of Goodbye” is a
toe-tapping Honky-Tonk anthem about leaving his life in Nashville and heading
back to Texas. When it comes to Brian’s songwriting, his meaningful lyrics
originate from a place where life’s hard lessons collide with “country-fried”
honesty and genuine emotions. Brian’s songs come right from the front porch of
his soul to the listener. In The Texas Side of Nashville, Brian
delves down into his deepest darkest feelings, but the end, his songs reflect
pure country, shining under the bright lights of Texas.

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