Brett Young – Weekends Look A Little Different These Days

CD Review: Brett Young – Weekends Look A Little Different These Days

by Antony Bailey for Country Music News International


Brett Young, 40, recently released his third studio album entitled ‘’Weekends Look a Little Different These Days’’ with BMLG records and it certainly won’t disappoint his existing fanbase or any country newcomers young and old. The first track is the name of the album and contains a four-bar acoustic intro supported by a four to the floor bass drum before leading into the verse. The opening lyric ‘’I always knew what I wanted’’ and ‘’I used to stay up late and sleep in all day long’’ is arguably aimed at a younger audience as he reflects and warns of the inevitable changes that occur at different life stages. It is a song that people of all ages around the world can relate to regardless of musical taste.


Lady is a song that is aimed at a younger audience as the song leans on maturity and coming of age. It speaks of the importance of having different role models in our lives and how each one can prepare us for the future in different ways. It is a song that resonates with a worldwide audience and can be interpreted as preparing the younger generation for the future and what is to expect of them in adulthood. Towards the end of the verse the lyrics are ‘’When you get, your heart broken by the wrong guy, she can make it right’’ underlines the importance of having role models in our lives.


‘’This’’ is similar to ‘’Lady’’ both instrumentally and dynamically and delivers a similar message with regards to falling in love as the album takes us to the next chapter one song at a time. The opening verse tells a story of the high and lows as well as the complexity of relationships and how it important it is to meet each other halfway. It is also a reminder of how fragile life is and cherishing your partners and loved one’s is one life’s pleasures. ‘’We slammed some doors, had sleepless nights, we crossed the line, apologised, we might have hurt each other one too many times’’ is a sentence that people of all ages, nationalities, and cultures can relate to.

Dear Me

‘’Dear me, 23, backing out of the drive, goodbye ringing in your head’’ is a letter to his younger self to reassure him that everything is going to be alright and the adversity he is going through as a young man will be worth it in the long term. It is a message about life and how love can be a rollercoaster and pushes the narrative of how complex relationships are. ‘’Dear Me’’ is about reconciliation and rekindling relationships at a later stage in life when both parties are ready to settle down and commit to each other. ‘’Dear me, she ends up with you’’ is the refrain towards the end of the song and offers a glimmer of hope and belief to an audience inevitably going through similar experiences regardless of age.

Leave Me Alone

‘’Leave Me Alone’’ steps away slightly from the traditional country feel and lends itself to the pop scene where it consequently has the potential to attract a wider audience whilst pushing the same narrative surrounding love, heartbreak, coming of age, and reconciliation. The song showcases Young’s versatility and ability to cross over into different genres in order to push his music as far as he possibly can without leaving his roots behind.

Not Yet

‘’Not Yet’’ moves ever so slightly back towards country whilst continuing to push the boundaries into other genres. The increase in dynamics along with the guitar solo makes the song appear to feel more like a pop ballad as opposed to a country song. The message behind the song is about waiting for the love of his life and how it will all be worth it one day but ‘’Not Yet’’. ‘’I wanna hold you while you’re driftin’ off to dream but not yet, no, not yet’’ emphasises his desire to hold on as the story continues and the subtle use of dynamics throughout the music helps to deliver a stronger meaning behind the lyrics.

You Got Away With It

The song is a mixture of both country and pop. Instrumentally, the song is full whereas rhythmically and harmonically the music fuses both country and pop and highlights how music has evolved over the past fifty to sixty years since the likes of Lefty Frizzell, Conway Twitty, and Kenny Rogers to name a few were at the peak of their powers on the country scene.

You Didn’t

The meter switches from common time to 6/8 and is stripped down instrumentally compared to the rest of the album. The rhythm offers more to the meaning of the song as it can be interpreted as more sincere and heartfelt. The album ends with him saying that he wants his lover to be happy regardless of whether or not her future lies with him. ‘’I fell in love, and you didn’t’’ is the refrain at the end of the chorus and leaves the audience feeling with a sense of tragedy tinged with hope and a reminder that nothing is ever set in stone.

I personally enjoyed the album, and the music resonates with me as it does with many people whether they are listeners of country music or not. I think the album will grow in popularity as will Brett Young as a singer/songwriter.





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