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Brent Cobb – Brent Cobb

Brent Cobb
Brent Cobb
Holes 3:30 Love on Me          3:30
To Be Saved       2:57
Good To
Go For Cheap          2:46 Dear You             7:29

long time ago, I worked as a representative for a fireworks company. I’d wake
up each morning with a list of stores I had to drive to. I’d get to one, walk
in, key in the inventory, and be on my way to the next. Sometimes, I’d have to
drive far off the beaten path, some took me deep into the mountains, into some
small mining towns.

Have you ever come across a town
in the middle of nowhere, where everyone’s sitting out on their front porch
waving as you go by, and you just wondered why? Well, I have and now I believe
I can give you the answer.

            I don’t believe they just waved to
say hello. I think they were trying to invite me to join their jug band. And
now, I believe I’ve actually seen Brent Cobb in person. Diggin’ Holes starts off the album and brings you up onto one of
those porches. Hopefully, you know how to play a fiddle, or at very least can
beat on a can or blow into an empty moonshine jug and make some sort of hum.

on Me
has a good fiddle and a much more foot stomping, toe tapping, knee
slapping sound. You can almost hear the creaking floorboards and shaking rocking
chairs as if the entire town came to join in after church on a Sunday

Be Saved
talks about the ole swimming hole, where the tire swing makes it
high into the sunlight before you leap for the giant splash.

to Go For Cheap
Brent Cobb starts talking about putting his hat down and I
can imagine one with a large loose brim that even on his head would be
lopsided. The fiddle really drives this song. In the end, Dear You, is more of a melodic song, which sounds like a real note
that he wrote. It is one of those songs looking back retrospectively. Those thoughts
that each of us has had or been through. When you think this song is over just
wait a few seconds and that real jug band sound will jump from your speakers.

            I really enjoyed listening to this
album. It really is one of those albums that should be playing while sitting
outside on a rocking chair. It’ll bring back memories for anyone listening. It
is just a timeless album. 

Jeremy Frost for Country Music News International

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