Bluegrass Duo The Gibson Brothers Announce New Album

Bluegrass Duo The Gibson Brothers

Announce New Album

IBMA Entertainers of the Year Dig Deep into

Harmony and History on They Called It Music

(avail. March 26)

(Nashville, TN) Feb 14, 2013 – Just months after
winning the most coveted honor in bluegrass last fall – the prestigious
International Bluegrass Music Association’s Entertainer of the Year
award – The Gibson Brothers are preparing to release their new album They Called It Music
on March 26th. On their latest effort, the brothers Eric and Leigh dig
deeper into duet harmony than they ever have before.  Longtime bandmates
Mike Barber (bass), Clayton Campbell (fiddle) and Joe Walsh (mandolin)
join in on a set of songs that feature some of the brothers’ best
originals coupled with a varied collection of creative covers of songs
by Loretta Lynn, the Delmore Brothers, Joe Newberry and Shawn Camp. 
Stream the full album here.

According to Eric and Leigh, the original songs on the new album – inspired largely by the loss of their father last year
come from a more emotional place than on previous albums.  Eric
explains: “Although this isn’t a grieving album some of that energy
found its way into the music.”  But it was a comment that bluegrass icon
Tim O’Brien made after listening to their last album (2011’s
award-winning Help My Brother) that proved to be the emotional
rudder for the new project.  “Tim told us to ‘keep digging deeper.’ We
thought about that comment a lot and I think we’ve accomplished that
with the new CD,” comments Eric.

Standout originals on the new project include “Something Comin’ To Me,”
and “The Darker The Night, The Better I See,” a hell-raising,
tongue-in-cheek hint at the Gibson Brother’s resilience over the years.
The album’s title track “They Called It Music” is a soon-to-be classic
that praises bluegrass music for the power of its simplicity and
universal appeal. The cover of Mark ‘s upbeat  “Daddy’s Gone to
Knoxville” is sure to garner a lot of radio attention as well.
The Gibson Brothers are the latest in a long line of brother vocal duos
in bluegrass and country music.  Like many other brother acts, their
musical path was paved by earlier duos like the Louvin Brothers, Jim
& Jesse, the Blue Sky Boys and the Monroe Brothers. But, unlike
those duos, The Gibson Brothers are northerners with roots extending far
north of the Mason-Dixon line. Initially that created some controversy –
when the Brothers received the Emerging Artist of the Year award from
the BMA in 1998 there were some who were skeptical. “Other players would
say to us, ‘ guys are from New York—how do you anything about
bluegrass!?’ I was so intimidated playing in the south because all of
our heroes were from the south and we weren’t,” says Eric.

But, after all, the Brothers do share an agrarian upbringing with many
of the iconic artists in the genre – it’s just that the small family
dairy farm where they grew up happened to be in the shadow of the
Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York. And over time the controversy
over their Northern-ness began to ebb. Eric remembers: “We were slowly
accepted and I finally felt like I didn’t have explain our credibility
to anyone. Leigh and I have barnyard credibility if you need that.”

These days The Gibson Brothers are at the pinnacle of bluegrass music
bringing their unique northern take on the music to audiences from coast
to coast and earning praise from critics and fans alike.  As bluegrass
legend Del McCoury says: “When I hear the Gibson Brothers, I know it’s
them from the first note. They have that little thing in their voices
that no one else has.” Eric adds, “Bluegrass has so much heart and soul.
That’s what I hope comes from our music.” Emotionally charged and
spiritually uplifting, that heart and soul comes through loud and clear
on They Called It Music.

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