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can continue to voice his opinion for his remarks regarding
fans and artists
as old farts and jackasses, then it is open season for
everyone to be able to
comment also, and you can bet I am going to have my say
whether his fans or
 friends like it or not.  Here is some advice for Shelton
from a
person who knows the true meaning of leadership and
knowledge in country music
industry or any genre, and sent it to me this morning. 
There are schools
that teach leadership rules, but the problem is that
Shelton, would not be able
to drink or cuss during class, so that leaves him out of
this school.  His
school is more like a reform school.
BS … “Crude
from an ignorant man should remind one to never miss a
chance to shut up.”
all of
the years that there has been awards for “Entertainer of the
Year and
Male Vocalist of the Year,’ those that were winners led by
example, not
by making remarks towards the industry as Shelton has done. 
Shelton does
not fit into this category and never has or never will. 
Entertainer of
the Year is a voted award, and if drinking on stage,
cussing, and being one of
the guys makes someone Entertainer of the Year, then Shelton
does fit that
mold.  What he is doing now is showing his immaturity by
continuing to
debate what he said.  He knows he is wrong and the best
thing for him to
do is step down from his self-made high perch and graciously
come forward with
a sincere apology, which his sincerity will be in question
for many years, to
all of the fans and artists that he has designated without
reason.  He has
no excuse for what he said-none whatsoever. 
don’t give a damn what Chris Young said to support his “ole
buddy” or what McBride said about knowing where his heart
is.  If
all of those who support him know him so well, then they
should come forward
and let him know that he has breached his promise of how
much he loves country
music, by what he said in his remark on the GAC interview. 
People like
Martina and Reba and his older artists “buddies” need to go
closed doors with this idiot and set him down and explain to
him that what he
said was not the proper comment from one who believes he is
a leader because of
certain awards.  So far I guess they do not want to get into
this ring of
debate, or evidently they support him.  There is not happy
medium with
this issue.  How can anyone insult the older artist and the
fans?  It
might be time for George Jones to come forward and have a
talk with Shelton. It
would also be nice for other pure traditionalists such as
Alan Jackson and
George Strait to come forward and let Shelton know that
mistakes can be
corrected, but not by saying that he stands by his statement
and that he “meant
every word he said.”
 It is obvious that Mr. Crude
Mouth is
looking for confrontation for more media attention, and he
is going to get it
no doubt, but I hope it takes a large bite out of his
career.  The TV show
Voice is only good for so long.   Shelton must be getting
management guidance, and no doubt he believes everything
they are telling him
just like his fans.  He seems as though he cannot accept the
fact that he
has said something wrong, or does he really give a
damn.  I THINK NOT.
me of our President, who “tell us what ‘he’ is
And if Shelton
thinks that
because of his awards, he is going to lead country music to
the promised land,
he needs to rethink.  The only promised land that Shelton
will ever know
is the one that was in a song.  There is no doubt in my mind
that Shelton
is trying to smash a wedge between the past and the future. 
And old saying
from Pee Wee King and Redd Stewart, which I wonder if he
knows these two old
farts and jackasses, surely holds true in this case.  “Sometimes
the sake of the future, we need to look at the past.” 
is afraid of the past because he never knew it.
has been up and down several times in past years, just
like any other
genre, but Blake Shelton is not going to be the one who
will make country music
go forward.  The last one to make an impact on our music
and he certainly done it by example, something Shelton
would do well to study
are some of Shelton’s latest quotes, and also quotes from
of his friends: 
Ø  “Whoa!!! I heard I offended one of my
all time
favorite artists Ray Price by my statement “Nobody wants to
listen to
their grandpas music.” And probably some other things from
that same
interview on GAC Backstory. I hate that I upset him. The
truth is my statement
was and STILL is about how we as the new generation of
country artists have to
keep re-inventing country music to keep it popular. Just
EXACTLY the way Mr.
Price did along hid [sic] journey as a main stream country
artist. Pushing the
boundaries with his records. “For The Good Times” is a
example with the introduction of a bigger orchestrated sound
in country music.
It was new and awesome!!! I absolutely have no doubt I could
have worded it
better(as always ha!) and I apologize to Mr. Price and any
other heroes of mine
that it may offended. I meant every word I said. Country
music is my life and
it’s [sic] future AND past is important to me. I’ll put
[love] and respect and knowledge about it up against
anybody out there.
Ø  “What an interesting day,” he wrote.
out I have a lot of friends in this industry that refuse to
jump on any band
wagon and turn their back on me. And a handful that have no
problem doing
it…Publicity can make people do and say anything I
guess… Oh well. Good
news for me is… I don’t forget and won’t forget.”
Ø  “I absolutely have no doubt I could have
worded it
better (as always ha!), and I apologize to Mr. Price and any
other heroes of
mine that it may offended. I meant every word I said.”
Ø  “Love what you meant by your quote buddy,”Chris Young wrote. “Know how much
you love
country music history. Love your music brother and who
you are.”
Ø  Shelton also shared words of support he’d
received from
friends on Twitter, including
 Martina McBride, who wrote, “Just catching up on this.
We all know
where your heart is Blake. Love you.”
Ø  And here is
another quote from one of the greatest songwriters country
music will ever have,
Hall of Famer Bobby Braddock.  Braddock was instrumental in
the success
that Shelton has enjoyed up to this point, but I have put in
bold letters my
disagreement with Bobby’s assessment in part of Shelton’s
which was on facebook:  The following is part of Bobby’s
Ø  I think his point recently was that to be viable,
country music has to
keep reinventing itself.
clear from his statements that he’s terribly
sorry that he’s offended his heroes like Ray PriceI think
what’s controversial
is not what he said but the way he said it. That was just
Blake being Blake,
going for the outrageous and trying to get a rise out of
Ø  I agree with Bobby that country music must reinvent
itself, but that
happens with leadership that can lead the music into a
successful future.
disagree with
Bobby, that Shelton is “terribly sorry”, because Shelton
has made
it clear that he meant every word of it, and that is a
quote from BS himself.

You are correct Bobby in
your thinking that it
is the way he said it, and he would have better off if he
had kept his mouth
shut about being that controversial.  It did nothing to
move country music
forward, just caused a lot of dissention and hard feelings
with older fans and
artists.  His remark is not going to sell him anymore
CD’s, and if
trying to get a rise out of people is what he wanted, how
in the world can this
man believe he could be a leader.  He couldn’t lead a
camel to
the following are some of the quotes
from those who disagree and were hurt by what Shelton
said, and there will be
more as this debate continues:
Shepard, member of the Grand Ole
Opry and Country Music Hall of Fame

had a comment on the stage of the Grand
Ole Opry this past Friday night as follows:  “We’ve got a young man in country
music who has
made some pretty dumb statements lately. What did he say?
traditional country music is for old farts and
jack-you-know-whats? Well, I
guess that makes me an old fart.  I love country music. I
won’t tell
you what his name is….but his initials is BS….and he’s
of it!”
following letter was sent to me from
Leona Williams and she has given me permission to
include it in my
editorial.  I do not think I can put into words what Leona
has written in
her letter.  Blake Shelton has tarnished his star and
damaged his
relationship with many artists.  The people that know Leona
Williams know
how much she loves country music, and she never comes
forward to speak out
against anything or anyone.  If she has something to say
she says it to those that are close to her, where I spit it
out to all those
who need to hear.  Leona has come forward because she was
hurt by
Shelton’s comments. 
wonder why all of those artists who
were included in Shelton’s remarks who labeled them Ole
F—ts and
have not come forward with their views. 

anyone traces Shelton’s past
career you will find that he has caused himself several
other problems because
of his controversial comments, his trashy mouth, his
arrogance, and compiled
with his enormous ego, have brought him to his period of his
career where he
has made it difficult to want to like him for any reason,
except for those who
don’t care what he says.  I don’t think he understand that
putting bouquets on one’s own shoulders is something that is
conducive toward having a group of people endorse him as a
My last comment in Round #3,
and no doubt
there will be a Round #4, is my question to him as follows: 
When you were
asked to become a member of the Grand Ole Opry, which you
accepted, that
induction as a new member, came with a responsibility to
uphold the music that
you stated and I am quoting you,  I’ll
put my [love] and respect and knowledge about it up
against anybody out there.
isn’t it
true that you have failed to make one appearance on the
Opry.  Oh I
forgot, you are now a major TV star, and making six figures
on your personal
appearances, so you cannot find time to join your fans, old
buddies, old farts
and jackasses, at the Opry with an appearance.  So Blake,
just how much do
you love country music???? The Opry uses your name to add to
its roster as a
promotional tool, and you use them for whatever reason I do
not know-I guess as
a status symbol (?), but you both deserve each other.
realize my
editorial is long, but there is no way to shorten this issue
because BS cannot
look into a mirror for fear of what he will see, and he
cannot handle people
that tell him he is wrong, so he is going to fight because
he cannot handle
being wrong.  No one wants to be a winner in something that
should never
have brought this gotten to this point, but there does not
need to be a winner,
just the fact that Blake Shelton has not done anything to
help country music by
his remark or example, should be enough that music has to
find common ground to
make things better, but not with Shelton as one of its
sincerely hope
that after you read this editorial that you will add

your comments on facebook, twitter,
or just come forward and
speak your mind, but to let Shelton off of the hook will
give him the added
assurance that he can say what he wants, when he wants, and
to who he
wants.  AND THAT IS WRONG.  Give him enough rope and
you know
the rest of that line…..

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