remember getting into some tough confrontations with Blake Shelton fans about a
year or so ago, when I thought about his trashy mouth, and those comments still
hold true from me.  I said that Blake Shelton could be the Pied Piper that
country music needed, if only he would act the part of a leader, instead of a
spoiled brat with an ego larger than the industry.  I said he was a great
singer, and that he should use the opportunity to be a leader in a way that
does not irritate the demographics that he talks about in his GAC
interview.  He does not control the industry and never will.  I
complimented his talent, but not his mouth.  If he wants to use trash talk
on his personal appearances and drink beer on stage, that is his world, but it
is not everyone’s world.  Trace Adkins, Shelton’s buddy, does
his talking by example, and Shelton should take notice of how it is done by
others in the music industry.  All he is trying to do is sell tickets and
CD’s.  Who the hell does he think he is fooling.  Maybe his
management has led him down this one-way road.  As you will read from a
statement that he made of an interview he did with GAC, you will see that my
editorial we shall call Round #2, but this time I am not going to mince any
words on Shelton.  He and I both enjoy what our country offers to all of
us, “Freedom of Speech” so I am going to express my thoughts
on his one particular comment that you will read in the following two quotes
from mega stars.
following are two quotes that were sent out yesterday by two giants in the
country music industry, so let’s see if Shelton will make the apology to
these two “icons” first, then to the rest of the ole artists he was
talking about.
on the occasion of his 74th birthday, country and comedy music legend RAY
STEVENS released the following statement regarding Blake Shelton’s recent
controversial comments:
just heard Blake Shelton’s remarks about ‘old farts and jackasses’ and all
I want to know is how he found out the title to my next single because it’s been
a closely guarded secret here at the ‘Home.’ It will be available on vinyl or
8-Track at your nearest Tower Records store.”
following was issued yesterday also, by one of country music’s greatest
icons of all time-Ray Price.  I am wondering if Shelton thinks he will
ever have a career like Ray continues to enjoy at the age of 86:
a shame that I have spend 63 years in this business trying to introduce music
to a larger audience and to make it easier for the younger artists who are
coming behind me. Every now and then some young artist will record a rock and
roll type song , have a hit first time out with kids only. This is why you see
stars come with a few hits only and then just fade away believing they are
God’s answer to the world. This guy sounds like in his own mind that his
head is so large no hat ever made will fit him. Stupidity Reigns Supreme!!!!!!!
– Ray
PLEASE to all of Shelton’s fans, don’t P & Moan to me
about my editorial about your artist.  Some of my language has come down
to his level where he can understand, so if you are really his great fans, you
should know that he really irritated and hurt a lot of special people, and it
would have been much better if he just not make that statement.  No doubt
his sounding off in public gave him the opportunity to get more media coverage
than it would have, had he said it in private, but if he would be so blunt
publicly towards the older artists and fans, I cannot imagine his words in the
privacy of his close friends. 
love his singing, his choice of songs, and his total music, but I do not like
his nasty mouth and his one comment regarding older artists.  I would like
to see him speak those words exactly as he stated in his interview, face to
face to Ray Price, Jean Shepard, Stonewall Jackson, and thank God PayCheck is
not living or he would set Shelton straight, as would Jerry Reed.  It
happens I had the privilege and honor to manage and book, Price, PayCheck, and
Jerry Reed, and I can tell you they would not appreciate that part of
Shelton’s interview.  We all know music genre’s evolve, but
Blake Shelton does not make country music evolve.  It takes all artists to
do that.  And as far as Male Vocalist of the year, that doesn’t mean
crap anymore-just more money he can charge for personal appearances. The voting
is politics at its worst. 
does not seem like any of the newer artists think he does no wrong, but I will
not apologize to anyone, whether they be his friends or associates, who stand
behind what Shelton said.  Blake Shelton is an egotistical —-
(figure it out for yourselves), and needs to be told that his form of speech
does not set well with everyone.  He owes the Legends and Veterans of
Country Music and the fans, who he has titled “old farts and
a sincere apology. Possibly he thinks he has become
too big for an apology.  Here is an “old” thought for
you Shelton. “What goes up, ALWAYS COMES DOWN, sooner or later.” 
I hope I am around when he hits the ground.  Someday your TV time will be
all gone and then what….
following is a part of the GAC Interview on Backstory.  Shelton’s
comment should have been deleted from this interview.  Evidently he would
not allow the comment to be taken out, or maybe he didn’t care about what
he said. With all of his money and fame, he must think he can do and say
whatever he wants.  Shelton is not a leader and never will be.  My
comments will be directed to Shelton, and let his fans babysit and cover him
with kindness as they will tell him that Martel is just one of those old farts
and jackasses he is talking about, but I will have my say.  I accept all
changes in music and life, some good and some bad, but I will never accept the
crap coming out of Shelton’s mouth, when it comes to the following:
“If I am
“Male Vocalist of the Year” that must mean that I’m one of
those people now that gets to decide if it moves forward and if it moves on.
Country music has to evolve in order to survive. Nobody wants to listen
to their grandpa’s music. And I don’t care how many of these old
farts around Nashville going, “My God, that ain’t country!”
Well that’s because you don’t buy records anymore, jackass. The
kids do
, and they don’t want to buy the music you were
The new version of Blake Shelton’s GAC Backstory aired first in mid December 2012, and
will be airing numerous times in February.
following is my comments to Shelton:
question Shelton.  Exactly who were you referring to in your comment about
old farts and jackasses?
are not talking about entertaining, we are talking about keeping your mouth
shut, or using a better choice of words to express yourself, instead of drawing
the wrath of many artists who have paid their dues so guys like you can have
the success you think you have now.  Also all the fans who supported and
still support that old music, and many of the older artists are still recording
great music, but evidently it is not the kind you like.  SILENCE IS
 I wonder what type of medication you were on to say what
you did.
  You have alienated a complete demographics of country music
fans, no matter if you think they are ole farts and jackasses, they still have
money to purchase CD’s and concert tickets.  You should welcome them
with open arms, but I guess you are too big of a superstar to want ole fans.
 You want those young beer drinkin fans, those who can cuss with you, who
do not know the difference between rock and country, which incidentally is hard
to know in this new age of country music, what you call evolving.  You
sure have left something in your mess kit and I hope you have to clean it up.
Your tendency to think you are some kind of rock star or idol to the music
world is B.S.  You will never be the savior or spokesman for Country Music
because you do not know how to handle it. 
the word Loyalty, Allegiance, and Commitment does not mean that much to you or
even fit into your low class vocabulary.
remarks did not make you a better man or a leader, they only caused a lot of
problems that will not be erased and the time will come, when you might wish
you had never said them.  But of course, your inner circle of friends and
music industry people will be telling you how great you are, and that they
applaud you for “telling it like it is,” but you did not tell it
like it is, you said what you thought was going to get you attention.  You
certainly got attention but the wrong kind.  There are high class
entertainers and then there are low class entertainers…
talk in the interview on being such a good person, and then you hurt people
that do not even know you and you no doubt do not know them.  Those old
farts and jackasses deserve the respect that you have not earned. You are
driving a wedge in between what country music was, and what you want it to
do not care what your artist friends or your fans think about my comments, for
I am not the only one who feels this way, and no doubt you will find out as
time goes on.  I spoke briefly with Ray Price yesterday about his press
release on his facebook page, and his comments should make you understand how “this
real icon in country music”
feels about you.  Why would you want
to make enemies of these great artists by your stupid comment.  You
don’t have a clue of what business and friendship language can do to harm
someone, and evidently you do not care. 
is more to this article, but I only want to address the issue of the remark you
made on your GAC interview.  Will there be a Round #3??


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