Billy Ray Cyrus Celebrates 25th Anniversary Of “Achy Breaky Heart” with a Reissue Available TODAY!

Billy Ray Cyrus Celebrates 25th Anniversary
Of “Achy Breaky Heart” with a Reissue Available TODAY!
      Nashville, TN (April 28, 2017) 
– It started out as a simple two-chord song with one verse and chorus,
and ended up becoming a worldwide phenomenon that topped charts around
the globe and made a superstar out of a boy from Flatwoods, Kentucky. Achy Breaky Heart,
the multi-million selling country single that pretty much launched the
90’s line dance craze, is undoubtedly one of the most history-making
songs in all of country music history. The song created a sensation upon
its release 25 years ago, and now the artist who made it a smash, Billy Ray Cyrus,
is releasing a brand new version of the song with a host of different
versions and guest artist appearances, including Ronnie Milsap on
keyboard, in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the release of the
original.  The new cut, which is available TODAY,  was recorded in Muscle Shoals and co-produced by Cyrus and Don Von Tress, the writer of the quintessential hit.
sees plenty of parallels in the world at that time and now, and felt
like it would be a good time to go back in and re-record the feel-good
smash that had everybody’s hips shaking and feet moving to its groove.
the song was released in the spring of ‘92 the world, believe it or
not, felt much like it does right now,” said Cyrus. “There were wars and
rumors of wars. Famine and darkness was revealing itself much around
the globe. People were divided. And politically it felt as crazy across
America as it does now. Basically, it felt like a good time for a happy
song. Something simple that everyone could sing and yes, even dance to.
Take your mind off all the heavy stuff for 3 minutes and 27 seconds!”
The new version of “Achy Breaky” is actually a little closer to writer Don Von Tress
original vision and sound for the song that he penned over a quarter
decade ago. “We went back to my original demo which was a little more
back in the pocket, and Billy really loved the demo all those years ago
and he said ‘Yeah, let’s try to emulate this thing,” recalls Von Tress
of recording the new version. “So we kind of did that, but with some new
twists. The song is so simple…it’s two chords and some nursery rhyme
verses really, so we created something again we both just really love,
and it’s just fun to have the opportunity to put this song out again for
people to really enjoy again. I really hope they love it as much as the
first time!” 
Cyrus, revisiting the hit that made him a worldwide superstar and
laying down the track provided a real full circle moment in a career
that has no doubt had plenty of memorable highlights. 
me personally it completed the body of work known as Some Gave All and a
decade of persistence, dedication, failure, successes and a will to
strive for purpose through the music,” said Cyrus. “A journey which led
to a moment in time that just fit. Not to mention a friendship and
musical soul mate that would last a lifetime. For you see, I had written
“Some Gave All” about a Vietnam Veteran I met in 1989. Don Von Tress,
himself a Vietnam Vet, walks into my life with what will become the
cornerstone and launch pad for an album that represents a
singer/songwriter from the Appalachian foothills of Eastern KY who had a
dream and vision of touching peoples’ lives through music. Nothing
more…nothing less. Full circle if you will.”
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