Billy Henson is the true genuine meaning for someone who is exceptional in all that he does.  He is my dear friend, and I have come to know him as one of the greatest men I have ever known in my entire life.
When he came to me and asked me to review his new CD, I had a feeling that what I was about to hear, would be super great, and that is exactly what I heard.  Billy has surrounded himself with great musicians and especially “The Fiddles of Tennessee.”
I was honored that he invited me to hear him perform selections from his new CD, which is also titled “There Is A Time.”  Billy gathered together the super awesome band, including the Fiddles of Tennessee, to join him on stage at the Station Inn, here in Nashville, along with a great crowd of music lovers and we were privileged to preview this new awesome CD by Billy.  The musicians and the music were the ones who recorded this CD with Billy. 
The songs are a mixture of songs Billy has written, and co-written, and a couple of standards that he loves.  I have attached the title song There Is A Time as Billy’s first single.  Please listen to this great singer of true country/bluegrass songs, and allow your listening audience to hear what I consider true to the heart music.  I also ask you to read Billy’s attached bio, and you learn how great of a songwriter he is, and how much he loves his music.  Many of his songs have been recorded by some of the greats in country and bluegrass music, but this time he has done what his heart has desired for so many years-to record his own CD of the music he loves.  Through all of his trials and tribulations of the loss of his youngest daughter Jen in 2010, he has pushed through the sadness with his beautiful wife Patsy, and now his labor of love is being realized with the release of his new CD and I hope you will preview “There Is A Time” by Billy Henson, and send it out over your airways to let your listeners feel the love and warmth of this wonderful human being.
Thanks to each of you for always giving me the opportunity to send music to you by my artists, and please note, that Billy Henson is a special, special friend and a man that I have looked up to since my first day of shaking hands to become his friend, and to his beautiful family.

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