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Billy Brown – Did We Have a Party

Brown – Did We Have a Party
Out 2:30 2.)I Wanted You 2:04 3.) High Heels but no Soul 2:56 4.)
He’ll Have to Go 2:24

Run ‘em Off 2:14 6.) Meet Me in the Alley, Sally 2:04 7.) It’s
Love 2:02

Did We Have a Party 2:27 9.) Next 2:05 10.) Don’t Hold Back 2:23

I’m Sending Back Everything but Memories 2:2312.) I Never Knew I’d
Miss You 2:55

Tight Wad 2:39 14.) Jealous Stars 2:43 15.) Trusted Heart 2:51 16.)
Rich in Love 2:52

I Hope I Don’t Live Long Enough to Lose You 2:45 18.) Drunk, Drunk
Again 3:00

Echo Mountain 2:17 20.) Once in a Lifetime 2:04 21.) Be Honest with
Me 2:22

The Last Letter 2:47 23.) Lost Weekend 2:29 24.) Just Out of Reach

Look out Heart( Here Comes Love) 2:03 26.) It Don’t Take Long to
Learn 2:52

Let There Be Love 2:21 28.)Open Arms 2:47 29.)One of the Ten Most
Wanted Women 2:49

I’ll Be Gone 2:46

IS ALIVE!!!Hold on wait a minute, DEAN MARTIN IS ALIVE!! No, no, no,
maybe SINATRA IS ALIVE! Jeez, I just can’t tell who this is.
Sometimes it sounds like the Beach Boys. Sometimes it sounds like Nat
King Cole. Sometimes it sounds like Mel Torme, or any other crooner
of that era. There seems to be only one constant thing or feeling
portrayed in this entire album. That would be that the 1940’s-1950’s
never ended. That a tenor sax could fill in to change up the sheer
monotony of each song.
opens up the album riding high on the coattails of Elvis
Presley. I Wanted You instantly slows it down with a crooner
melody. High Heels But no Soul and He’ll Have to Go continue
with the crooner style. Then, Run ‘em Off, Meet Me in the Alley,
and It’s Love placed me on the silver screen. I
found myself walking down those train tracks in that movie “Stand
by Me.”
We Have a Party
brought Elvis back, just like he had been buried
in Steven King’s “Pet Cemetery.” Next is a song that I
feel like playing Patty-Cake to. I think that the background singers
actually stop and play it. Don’t Hold Back is right back to
the crooner music, at least the acoustic guitar on this one is
crooner songs keep on going until the end. Drunk, Drunk Again
does have some lighthearted lyrics that’ll make anyone smile
though. The later songs on the album are far more country than the
ones that I’ve mentioned. They are the kinda songs that you may
hear as the bartender is cleaning the empty bar and putting the
chairs up on the tables around you. Last call was yelled out a half
hour before but you are still hanging around finishing your beer.
to this album just left me with questions. The first being, “How
many loves has this guy actually had?” Or, “Did this guy just
fall in love with every girl he met?” It took me a long time to get
through this album. I just had no reason to cry over my beer. I also
hadn’t spilt milk in a long time. Some of the songs on the album I
could see as being on a soundtrack of a movie. A bank robbery movie
would be good, or a good pulp fiction type of movie. I realize that
this album was put together reflecting a career that seems to never
leave the 1950’s. I also understand that this album’s songs were
probably chosen by the record label, and probably don’t reflect the
musicians best work. As it stands, I wouldn’t really say that it is
something that would be any bit desirable.

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