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Big Joe Turner – Rocks

Joe Turner – Rocks
Jump for Joy 2:08 2.) Well All Right 2:29 3.) Flip Flop and Fly 2:47
4.) Love Roller Coaster 1:57 5.) Honey Hush 2:40 6.) I Need a Girl
1:59 7.) Lipstick Powder and Paint 2:31 8.) TV Mamma 2:48 9.) Hide &
Seek 2:43 10.)Adam Bit the Apple 2:48 11.)My Gal’s a Jockey 3:13
12. )Feelin’ Happy 2:14 13.) Jumpin’ Tonight 2:23 14.) Shake
Rattle and Roll 3:00 15.) Boogie Woogie Country Girl 2:39 16.)Teenage
Letter 2:29 17.)Corrine Corrina 2:55 18.)Midnight Cannonball 2:39
19.)Bump Miss Suzie 2:23 20.) Crawdad Hole 2:36 21.)Morning Noon and
Night 2:41 22.) Rock a While 2:02 23.)Oke-She-Moke-She-Pop 2:47
24.)The Chicken and the Hawk 2:39 25.)Roll ‘em Pete 2:56
26.)Rebecca 2:46 27.)Around the Clock – Part 1 1:51
2 1:43
the early 1930’s, the Kansas City Jazz scene is becoming legendary
as the sidewalks flash with nightclub acts and the bulbs dazzle with
dames beneath. The pianos don’t ring differently in this “separate
but equal” scene, nor do the silver and gold horns notice any other
color as they blare their way through the swinging doors and push
onto the streets.
a ‘jazz tourist’ new to this town, you want to feel it out and
see for yourself what all the fuss is about. You’ve heard of a
place called ‘The Sunset’ run by a fella named Piney Brown. After
meandering down the street looking for it, you find it. As the door
swings open you don’t miss a step. It’s dark and has that
low-down jazz and blues smell to it. The patrons inside kinda glare
at you like you’re the new kid in school, like it’s about time
that you learned this lesson, like you better prepare yourself for a
serious beating.
make your way to the bar, pull up a barstool, and order a drink. The
snare taps a beat, the bass enters, then a saxophone creates a lonely
red shadow. You peer through the smoke as it breathes to the crawling
rhythm. You can make out the instruments, the musicians as they toil
with them, and an abandoned microphone. “That’s kinda odd.” You
think to yourself.
ya go mister,” The bartender says as he slides over the drink. He’s
polite enough, gotta real deep voice, “Neva seen ya in here
almost chuckling as he says it, “like there’s some-in’ funny
about a guy staring at a singerless band in this town.” Now your
lips are movin’ as you’re thinkin’ out loud.
of a sudden he jumps up, pushes his forearms forcefully against the
bar rail and leaps across it. He scurries around the tables, almost
knocking a few candles over on the way, climbs onto the stage, grabs
the microphone, and begins to place words on the snare beat. He’s
known as The Singing Barman. His name is Joseph Vernon Turner,
or what the world will forever know him as ‘Big Joe Turner.’
Joe Turner Rocks
is a collection of his hits that spanned six
decades. Over that time Big Joe Turner had 19 songs that were hits on
the R&B charts in the U.S. He also had two songs that made it
onto the pop charts. Most musicians agree that without his music
there would probably never be rock and roll. He shared the stage with
Fats Domino, Bo Didley, Dizzy Gilespie, Count Bassie, and Roy
Eldridge(just to name a few). Jerry Lee Lewis, Bill Haley, and Elvis
Presley performed covers of his music. He was even credited with
inspiring The Beatles, and Bob Dylan. He combined Boogie Woogie and
R&B to create a style called ‘Jump Blues.’ Pete Johnson was
the pianist for much of his work during his career. He was inducted
into the Blues Hall of Fame in 1987.
album begins with the song Jump for Joy. The moment the song
started, I recognized the sound just like I had heard it before. Well
All Right,
the second song on the album is where the stand- up
bass, the tenor saxophone, and the snare drum really make their
presence known.
Flop and Fly
is a song that’ll bring any music lover back home
to the land of swing and big band performances. Love Roller
Coaster, Honey Hush, Lipstick Powder and Pain,
keep that feeling
though it was Big Joe Turner who created the song Shake, Rattle,
and Roll
his lyrics were a bit too risky for the time to propel
him into the fame that Bill Haley and Elvis enjoyed with their covers
of it. A lot of the lyrics have very sexual connotations to them, as
well as their titles. This album has a very wide variety to choose
from. It has your New Orleans Jazz. It has that 1950’s ‘Bobby-Soxer
sound’, it has Boogie Woogie, and it has Jump Blues which he was a
main pioneer in.
Joe Turner Rocks
is an essential album for any collection. The
lyrics are original and truly poetic. When first sitting down to
start listening and taking notes for this review, I quickly realized
how so many of the songs that I grew up listening to, had been
influenced by this man. It was not only a run down memory lane, but
also a much needed music history 101 class. 
 Jeremy Frost

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