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Ben Reel – Nashville Calling

CD Review: Ben Reel – Nashville Calling

by Joanna Demee for Country Music News International

All in Good time 4:08

Tough People 4:31

Safe and Sound 4:50

Like a Breeze 3:55

Round the Next Bend 4:15

Imagination 3:08

Up There in the Sky 3:18

Fine Wine 4:41

New Jerusalem 3:34

Broken 3:31

Borrowed time 3:44


Today I started off my day, I wouldn’t say quite well, as I have lots of deadlines for my university, and what do I do? – Quite obvious, as I decided to focus elsewhere (reviewing) so I could feel a bit more relieved. Sometimes I study my own books, which I enjoy, and some other times I do other stuff to keep me busy rather than try to focus on my tasks to let my mind fly away and not stress too much; as 10<chapters/3books, I would probably read them passively. I normally begin to write before I start listening to songs, and I go step by step so everybody can follow the ups/downs of the music journey I am in. So far, I have read about Ben Reel, but not listened to him just yet. Therefore, I hope that some rock will calm me down and give me the energy to go back and study, so find the album and accompany me if you like.

All In Good Time,

“So Hold on babe”, I like his beats, they are motivational following a realistic approach. “This world’s gone crazy” and so have I, therefore this album for me starts off well.

Tough People,

I heard this from the acoustic version Ben has on his channel (not sure if there’s another one), and it’s amazing. I love that is just him and his acoustic guitar, with some bits of him playing the harmonica.

Safe And Sound

His voice – so clear, his lyrics – so powerful, his guitar – touching, I am not sure how to review him for this track, so I will leave this here: “People lie when they say time will heal. Because your grieving is never over.” I love him.

Like a Breeze

I like the short eighteen-seconds intro, and in general, he talks about love that we should all have in our hearts, and if we have it, it can heal everything that is hurting us. Ben here expresses this old adage “Red sky in the morning, Is a sailors warning,” which I tried to delve into a bit more, and surprisingly is kind of true.


With no similarities and for no reason at all, it pops in my mind something like John Lennon’s imagine. Even if they have nothing to do with one another, I find that they both believe that they could make the world a better place, and just by using their imagination, they are halfway there.

Up there in the Sky

Before I hear that song, I want to try something – guess what it will talk about beforehand. Up there in the sky, Ben should talk about high hopes and what he wishes he had?! Let me check… No, I failed – but it’s cool because I wasn’t disappointed. An amazing song, so far, I could say my favourite one, the rhythm is so nice, his rolls strong, short, and clear. So Ben talks about indeed hopes, but what challenges us, we should have faith, I am not sure if he only refers to God, but I personally believe it’s dedicated to believe in one’s self and they will one day reach the sky.

Fine wine,

Harmonica and guitar intro, a chill vibe to keep you going for the day. I will keep it simple because that song leaves you like a fine wine, it’s ‘finish’ is still there.

I could listen to his harmonica and acoustic guitar all day long. I would describe the lyrics, in general, quite motivational. I imagine me listening to it when I wake up off to university/work, while driving and holding my coffee trying to refuse that I have a routine that kills me slowly. It’s what I want to listen to; an acoustic guitar, a harmonica, a beautiful voice and his realistic approach of signing his motivational songs and passing a good, positive vibe about life and how strong people can be. And remember “Tough times they never last – Tough people do”. Ben Reel – you are now on in my fav morning playlist – hope to hear from you soon.


Joanna Demee


Reporting for Country Music News International

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