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THE BALYEAT FAMILY The Songs Mama Sang To Me

The Songs Mama Sang To Me
Jonathan’s Song – Build On A Rock – Give Me A Smile – Happy Birthday My Brother Dear – We Welcome You – D Is For Daddy – The Songs Mama Sang To Me – Brahms Lullaby – God Made All The Animals – Temperance – I Have A Little Boy – I Have Decided To Follow Jesus – Little David Play On Your Harp
I have had the distinct pleasure of watching the Balyeat Family from Montana, place their entire trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and take their music ‘on the road’ wherever that road might take them.  Hardships I am sure face them, and hardships overcome is how they continue to pursue their musical world.  This is a quite talented musical family.  And it’s a large family.  I’m not sure how many kids there are, (I think nine). Oldest son has a baby too.  So, we have all these kids making music together, mom and dad helping out, but it’s the kids that make it work.  They are still working out harmony parts, who’s going to sing what part, but that is pretty much taken care of in this recording.  Kids are kids, and in this case they are truly wonderful.  They picked songs that are meaningful to them as a family, and meaningful as recording artists.  Here’s pretty much how the backing goes.  Charis on fiddle; Maryanna on banjo; Charity on drums; Nancy on guitar; Bob on trumpet & bass; James on bass; Amanda on mandolin, and everybody else sings.  Speaking of meaningful, this project is also meaningful to their fans and audience, but most of all they hope it will be most meaningful to the Lord Jesus.  If you are ever in a situation where you might get to hear the Balyeats, please do not pass up the opportunity to experience a very ‘real’ musical experience.  You will often see them at our Fremont, Nebraska, Festival called the Rural Roots Music Gathering, usually the first weekend of October.  More information at www.ntcma.net

Balyeat Family, P O Box 1922, Great Falls, Mt 59403

Bob Everhart

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