Balsam Range – Moxie And Mettle

CD Review: Balsam Range – Moxie And Mettle

by Chris Keaton for Country Music News International

Highway Side

Rivers, Rains and Runaway Trains

Traveling Blues

Rooster Rock

Franklin County

Richest Man

Until I See You Again

That’s Enough

His Tomb Is Empty Now

Tonight I’m Heading South

Santa Barbara

Grit and Grace


So let me state for the record that my preference in music has nothing to do with style or genre. Daily, my playlist may contain hip-hop, old soul, ripping rock and roll, country, blues and bluegrass, American Songbook standards and more  My personal preference is the heart, soul and joy that goes into the inspiration, writing, creation and performance of songs and I must say that this release, Moxie and Mettle by Balsam Range hits me right where my heart is.


The performances on this project are absolutely world class and as stated in the lyric to their track Rivers, Rains and Runaway Trains,  this collection of songs and performances are “forces of nature that nothing restrains”.  And further as this song unfolds, the more I “try to speak and mumble, my senses they crumble”.  Words escape.


And then there’s Rooster Rock!  What a fun, mind-bending Rockin’ hillbilly track.  The solo breaks with fiddle and dobro are stellar!  “Coo-Coo, cock a doodle do” indeed!! (I’m in need of some if that “moonshine juice” they’ve got!!)


And there are even more tracks just as special on this collection.


Trust me on this one: you owe it to yourself to spend a few precious moments immersed in the heart, soul and ensuing joy that Balsam Range brings on this project.  The writing, playing, recording and performance here are an absolute gift and I just say right here, Thank you, Buddy, Caleb, Marc, Darren and Tim!

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