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Ashton Shepherd – Where Country Grows

Shepherd – Where Country Grows
 Product Details
Look it Up  3:00 2.) I’m Good  3:24 3.) Where Country
Grows 3:12
I’m Just a Woman 4:38 5.) More Cows Than People 6.)
Beer on a Boat 3:05
7.) While it Ain’t Rainin’ 4:10 8.) Tryin’ to Go to
Church 3:20
9.) That All Leads to One Thing  4:00 10.) Rory’s Radio 3:40

Sitting down, getting ready to write a review is no easy task. There
are a list of albums to choose from that I haven’t listened to, and
most of the artists I know nothing about. I like to be able to give
a fair review, so I never do any research on the group or album beforehand.
I usually sit back take a deep breath and press play. When the music
begins, I either take a sigh of relief or toss the headphones across
the room while spitting out a whole slew of obscenities. This is the
first album I have done both. Imagine going to a bar that has Karaoke,
but the music being played has no lyrics and the singer has to make
up their own on the spot. Now, mix that up with an amateur poetry reading
at a coffee shop full of 18-20 year old girls where each and every one
has to have a turn at the microphone, and you have to sit through it
because you went with one that you want to sleep with. If that’s never
happened to you before let me run you through the experience.
The music begins, I sit back saying out loud, “This ain’t bad. It’s
got that deep Texas country sound.” Then the words to Look it Up roll in. It’s that real “Girl Power Roar.”
The singer is telling the story of how the ‘word’ is over. Even when
her man comes crawling back, there is no forgiveness. The song has that
real ‘woman scorned, I’m going get him back’ feeling.
Then, comes on I’m Good. This song explains that now they have been broken
up for a while she feels better.
Where Country Grows has a better melody and tries to explain country.
Maybe you’ve gotten lost while driving and been through one of those
towns where everyone sits out on the front porch waving to you as you
drive by. It seems absolutely hypocritical that this song’s lyrics speak
about how through Jesus she can get forgiveness. The main theme. forgiveness,
is what she had been speaking against on track 1
Next, I’m Just a Woman seems to blame her rollercoaster emotional behavior
on her just being a woman. I guess she either finally forgave her man
or finally got a new one.
More Cows Than People a fiddle comes in, as well as words about fields,
cows, tractors, and a steeple. It’s pretty much a generic description
of any small town in the Bible Belt. That fiddle keeps playing in the
Beer on a Boat. This song is about being out in a boat on a lake
on a Saturday afternoon. I can relate to this song a little more.
While it Ain’t Rainin’ is about how the weather is always changing like
life and you should make the most of it.
Tryin’ to Go to Church is about how she is always getting in trouble
and going too crazy. This is all blamed on the devil.
That all Leads to One Thing, brings the album right back to the whole ‘girl
power idea.’ This time it has a little twist. Her new man isn’t wearing
his wedding ring, so she believes he’s getting ready to leave her. Instead
of him doing it she talks to her lawyer first.
Rory’s Radio is the only saving grace to this entire album.
It’s nostalgic and the lyrics are about her and her friends fishing
and eating crawfish when they were 15.
That’s about as close as you want to get to one
of those poetry readings I was referring to in the beginning. No girl
is worth sitting through one of those things, no matter how big a prize
you feel she’d be, if you get my meaning. The only thing I could think
after forcing myself to get through the entire album was that this must
be some new pretty face on a big label. Upon doing my checking, I gave
myself a high five like I was a gambler who bet his life savings on
a hunch. 
 Jeremy Frost for Country Music News International

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