Tenn. (March 7, 2013) – Andy Griggs often says, “there is no defining a
style of song. As long as there’s soul, it has a place in music.” 
Griggs took these words to heart when he set out to record and produce
his latest album, NAKED, which is all acoustic.

Country Weekly says “most listeners latch onto a song
because of a melody, a voice or a lyric. So Andy Griggs did something
really clever. He stripped away the high-tech production on his new
album, Naked, and presents the things you love—a melody, a
voice and an amazing stack of songs.”  Armed with just his guitar and
accompanied by his earthy soul-filled vocals, Griggs penned original
tunes for his new offering, as well as covered songs from artists that
influenced him like Waylon’s “Old Timer” and Willie’s “Angel Flying Too
Close To the Ground.” Country Weekly bestowed it with 4 stars, the highest rating Griggs has had on any album.

iTunes, the largest distributor of digital music puts it’s stamp of
approval on the albums they believe to be significant additions to the
musical landscape.  Griggs’ 13-song album is one such project that
iTunes has deemed “New and Noteworthy” on their country page.

NAKED is available digitally on iTunes:

NAKED Track Listing
1.    Old Timer
2.    Understanding Hank
3.    Heart Hush
4.    You and Cocaine
5.    Superman
6.    I Wonder Do You Think of Me?
7.    De’m Boyz
8.    Thrown Away
9.    Long Time Coming
10.  Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground
11.  Between an Old Memory And Me
12.  Blue Train
13.  Me On His Mind

“Witnessing this recording session solidified all of my beliefs
about Andy’s undeniable talent and the sheer, transcendent power of
music and fulfilled all my expectations,” says Griggs’ manager, Cathy
Nakos. “One track, one singer/musician, raw, no frills, totally
vulnerable, one engineer, no punching…it was magical and incredible to
behold. How could one person/artist put himself out there for all to
see, totally exposed, mistakes and all, but totally willing to sacrifice
for the authenticity and soul-baring honesty and pure emotion of the
songs. How could we title this album anything but NAKED?”

Griggs states, “I’m addicted to pure and raw feelings that’s as
still and quiet as the wind. Throwing your heart out whether it’s
healthy or broken! Exposing a hurting soul! Bearing and giving it all
with that ol’ piece of wood and 6 strings! It’s underwear on the couch,
singing until daylight! It’s vulnerability to yourself! It’s
vulnerability to your friends! It’s vulnerability to a crowd of
strangers! In short, it’s all about bein’ NAKED!”

For more information about Andy Griggs, visit

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