Andrew Hopson Releases First Original Single “Stronger Than That”

Singer-songwriter Andrew Hopson
has released his first original single titled “Stronger Than That.”
Hopson co-wrote the tune with music industry veteran, songwriter, and
producer Steven O’Brien (Brooks & Dunn,
John Michael Montgomery) during a quick trip to Nashville. With all the usual suspects of beers, girls, and friends, “Stronger Than That” tells the
raucous tale of what you may find on any given Friday night at a good
ol’ honky-tonk. Rowdy and real, the tune doesn’t skimp on the fiddle
while Hopson’s baritone vocals barrel through the storytelling song. 
Listen to the single here.


has previously released a revamped version of John Michael Montgomery
song “Paint the Town Redneck,” setting the tone for the type of artist
he wants to be, holding on to the traditional sound of a 90s Country
song while adding a modern touch inspired by his love of both Country,
rock and roll and metal music. “I
love country music that rocks,” he says with a smile, “I like creating
traditional-sounding songs and twisting it up a little to give it a
southern rock style.”


up the guitar at the age of eight, Andrew first started learning songs
by rock bands like Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin and taking a liking to
country music, later on, naming Merle and Hank Sr. and Jr. as Country
artists that have left a lasting impression on him.
music reflects the heart of our country’s pioneer spirit,” Andrew says
of country greats like Willie Nelson, Reba McEntire, and Johnny Cash,
who influenced Andrew at a young age as they were spun regularly in the
Hopson household.


just a country boy at heart but a country boy through and through,
Hopson grew up in the small town of Tazewell, Tenn. spending his free
time hunting, fishing, and playing music, “
just a country boy singing about country life in East Tennessee,” the
newcomer said. The young artist’s live shows come with energy and
honesty, “It’s amazing to see the kind of emotion a song can pull from
an audience,” he says of his performances as he uses traditional
country, a little rock and a hint of a heartfelt ballad to pull the
audience in, “ The crowd can hear and feel how much I love performing
with every word I sing and every strum of my guitar.”

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