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Andrew Heller – Broadway Love / My Beloved

Mariah 3:42 Some
Enchanted Evening 3:40
Ever I would Leave You 4:23
I Fall In Love 3:52 What Kind of Fool am I 2:46
Impossible Dream 4:05
albums were both fairly difficult for me to review. Just when the
vocals start, you get a sense, at least I did, that this is not
normally something I’d review. This is a classically trained singer
with a powerful, almost beautiful voice (In a manly way). As the song
I had to do a little research on him. The song itself seemed to make
me picture a desert, a horse, a campfire, and a big full moon. The
harmonica and piano blow the tumbleweeds right in front of you. The
sense of loneliness comes in as a few coyotes scatter and wolves howl
off the red rock silhouette in the distance.
a minute. This album is named Broadway Love, of course. This song is
the Wagon
It’s one of those Broadway shows. Then,
Enchanted Evening

is next. It has a slow drumbeat to it and some piano. Finally,
ever I would Leave You

comes on. It also has a nice melodic beat, and some piano.
rest of the songs were somewhat similar. The songs from

were easily recognizable. They just had a little different twist to
them. From what I found out, the singer has many awards and plays a
lot with symphonies and shows. I also found out that he was an
executive for IBM most of his life. I always think it’s kind of a
shame that when someone is very talented and is winning all sorts of
awards, not to mention is professionally trained, that they leave
that track at an early age only to chase money. When they finally
return to their passion it is almost too late for them to succeed the
way they could have.
been a long time since I’ve seen a Broadway show. Okay, maybe the
ones I went to see were off Broadway. Well, maybe I’m exaggerating
a little bit, they were really off Broadway. They were so far off
Broadway that they were in my living room with a fast forward button
pressed firmly on the remote control, and trust me I never pushed
pause to go get some food, go to the bathroom, run to the store for
some smokes, or drive out to the beach.

If you like
Broadway shows, operas, and symphony orchestras than this album is
for you. Andrew Heller puts his own unique twist on the songs that
you probably already have heard. It’s listed as Easy Listening, but
I like to call it elevator music. I don’t see myself rushing out to
buy it or to buy tickets to see him. But, I could picture a lot of
others doing it. The ‘Baby Boomers’ are almost that age where
they’d really appreciate it. Who knows, they may even try to pawn
their wheelchairs, or flaunt a little bit of their retirement cash in
order to become loyal fans and groupies. I bet they’ll even start
blasting it through the bullhorns at the church BINGO. On second
thought, maybe that’s a bad idea. I probably shouldn’t have even
suggested that. There may be subliminal messages hidden in the songs.
They may get so addicted to gambling from listening to it as they
play that they’ll lose their funeral plots. 
 Jeremy Frost

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