Amidst Mass Shootings: Country Singer Seth Jackson Speaks out

Amidst Mass Shootings: Country Singer Seth Jackson Speaks out through Music

By Ismaila M.S. Naban for Country Music News International


As the United States is reeling over recent mass shootings that killed and injured dozens, award-winning Singer/Songwriter, Mr. Seth Hilary Jackson felt compelled to speak out through his music. The American singer’s new song, “Thoughts and Prayers” calls out the politicians who stand by and do nothing while shooting deaths in America continue to mount.


Asked about the song, Seth said, “Gun violence in America is out of control. Mass shootings have become almost a daily occurrence. After every one of these shootings, certain politicians go to the media assuring us that their thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims. We’ve heard these exact words, “thoughts and prayers” to the point where they’ve become a meme. Many of us are sick and tired of hearing them. They’re insincere. We want action.


“But the gun manufacturers have a lot of power. They contribute a lot of money to political campaigns, mostly supporting Republican Party candidates. Republicans oppose pretty much all gun control regulations, so, they block every attempt to do anything about gun violence. Some even want to further expand access to guns. This is what inspired the song.”


The artist also explained, “Gun regulation in the US is made harder by the Second Amendment to the Constitution, which guarantees the right to bear arms. The wording of the amendment is ambiguous, but the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of expanded individual gun rights. The majority of these judges were appointed by Republican presidents.

“A lot of Americans have a fixation on the Second Amendment. This stems from the history of the country, which was born out of a revolution against a tyrannical government. Many people believe that they need to stock up on high-powered weapons to fight off the government if it becomes tyrannical. That made sense 200 years ago.
Today, it seems questionable whether citizens armed with assault rifles could fight off the US military armed with tanks, bazookas, and bomber jets.”

Many listeners have hailed the song as “very timely” and saluted Seth for his intervention. A video of the song, recorded in the singer’s home studio, can be found on the Seth Hilary Jackson Youtube channel.

Seth first bought a guitar as a college student at Brown University, but it wasn’t until he was an MBA student at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School that he wrote his first song, “The Job Search Blues”, relating to his experience with “the frenzy of the MBA employment scramble”.


Dozens of Seth’s pop and country songs have been placed with recording artists and in film and TV (Series). Several of them made the ‘Top 10’ on European Country Music Association airplay charts. One of his proudest moments was when he received a Presidential invitation to the White House because of his song “Pfc. Ross A. McGinnis”, the true story of a war hero who sacrificed himself to save his friends.

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