Amberlynn Browning Interview

Amberlynn Browning – Award Winning Outlaw

By Ismaila M.S. Naban for Country Music News International Magazine


AmberLynn Browning, an award-winning American Outlaw country and southern rock Singer songwriter guitarist and producer in Nashville, Tennessee USA; who started singing as a teenager, is making her mark in the country music industry, with her own unique style of picking and writing music. In this interview with Country Music News International (CMNI), the melodious voice, now signed with Sony Music Entertainment and 50/50 Global music singer-songwriter takes us through her early musical journey to date, touching on her love for Outlaw country music, her super skills in hitting the strings of the guitar, as well as her achievements and steadfastness, especially as a female singer–and a mother– following the footsteps of great iconic female singers like Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn, Tammy Wynette as well as her grandmother who was a Hollywood movie star, singer and dancer… among other notables. She also enjoined her colleague musicians to use their songs to spread messages of peace and love for one another around the globe.

The singer used the interview to return gratitude to her esteemed fans, supporters and family, saying “You all mean the world to me”. She said they should expect great things from her and her team.

Read on:

CMNI: First of all, thank you for accepting our request for this interview. Please take us through your background: place of birth, childhood and education.

AmberLynn: I was born in California but raised in the Rocky Mountains, working on a ranch and went to College for nursing and journalism.

CMNI: How and when did you start your musical career?

AmberLynn: At 14, my grandpa took me on the road and I sang in the honky-tonks; and I have been writing and playing music ever I was a little girl, including the piano and the guitar—it’s never left me since I was very small.

CMNI: You are an award-winning Outlaw country singer, songwriter and guitarist; can you please tell us what Outlaw country is, and what motivated you to choose it?

AmberLynn: Outlaw country is, to me, when you sing your own style and move outside of the mainstream; meaning ‘do your music your way, do your band your way, move your career your way, play what you want, where you want and, you do not follow the rules’. Today, that means the pop country and cookie cutter songs and not to fall prey to becoming just like that. That was never hard for me. In a way, you create your own genre of music with an amazing plethora of forefathers like Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Johnny Paycheck, Merle Haggard and many more. I don’t think I ever chose Outlaw country, I think it chose me. I can’t get it out of my heart, it lives inside me.

CMNI: Some artists believe the guitar is a difficult musical instrument to play. How did you learn to skillfully play this instrument, especially as a woman?

AmberLynn: The guitar can be difficult depending on how good you want to be at it and what your musical skill is. My father taught me my beginning and I chose to study music my whole life. I taught myself as well as learned from some of the best musicians in country music. There are plenty of female guitarists that outperform anyone. The guitar speaks to me…I pull [my skills] from influences such as Stevie Ray Vaughan and Dolly Parton, Jerry Reed and many more, and have come up with my own unique style of picking and writing music. The guitar is what always helps me to write a song.

CMNI: Do you have your own band, manager, and where do you record your songs?

AmberLynn: Yes, we have a wonderful manager, and Angel has helped me in my career along milestones and have our own studio. However, the AmberLynn Browining band is very versatile and works out of Nashville as well [as] other renowned studios. The Band heralds true Country seasoned professionals Kurt Olsen on drums, [ Georgette Jones, Kid Rock] John Heinrich on pedal steel guitar [Ronnie Milsap] Tim Watson on fiddle, [ Tammy Wynette and Kid Rock] Jamie bowles on piano AmberLynn on acoustic and lead  guitar, electric guitar, vocals, harp and bass and Tim Browning on electric guitar.

CMNI: Collaboration is key in the musical industry; do you have collabs with other artists, and if so, how did that help you in your career?

AmberLynn: I have collaborations with many wonderful talented professionals from Chris Gantry, who was one of the original outlaws and recorded at the House of Cash with Johnny and Kris Kristofferson, and I have recently teamed up with J.M. Van Eaton- the original drummer of Jerry Lee Lewis’ hit songs. He is on drums on my Sun Studio Sessions Album And I am pleased to have been working with Tim Watson, the incredibly skilled fiddle player from Tammy Wynette and Kid Rock and much more. I have also recently collaborated with Ms. Mairead Nesbitt, the Celtic fiddler who founded Celtic Woman; and I have been learning Irish fiddle to incorporate in my songs and music. John Heinrich is also co-producing with myself the Up-and Coming Sun Studio sessions album. He is fabulous pedal steel player who plays for Ronnie Milsap.

CMNI: Family support is something that helps an artist to concentrate more on his or her career. What is your family support like?

AmberLynn: I have a wonderful family loving and supportive of my endeavors, and I like to empower others to do the same for each other.

CMNI: What kind of messages do you espouse in your songs?

AmberLynn: A lot of times I speak about God hoping to reach others. There used to be a lot of good activism in music like the days of Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Peter Paul & Mary and more; these days it’s not the same kind of

activism. I show mine through American flag hanging off of my guitar and through my lyrics and songs. I’ve written about country rock and roll pains, death, hardship, failure, God, warriors, children, our forefathers, front porches, mountain roads, highways, and moonlight, true love, passion, fury, running away from the law, loneliness, revelation, Texas, the ‘70s, Waylon and Willie and Charlie Daniels and Johnny Cash, making it in this world with true grit, faith and each other. I tell it through my songs.

CMNI: How many albums have you released, so far? Briefly tell us something about them, if any?

AmberLynn: I have several singles out right now, and one album and one upcoming record I’m excited for. Last year, I released the album ‘Outlaw’ and it’s a beautiful compilation of deeply-rooted Outlaw country,  instrumentation and original written songs. And I have a forthcoming album this year, done at the Sun Studios and it has tributes to some of the greats like Jerry Lee Lewis, Charlie Daniels and Johnny Cash as well as several original songs; also Outlaw country and rock and roll, also expect some beautiful ballads.

CMNI: Music can enhance peace in this world already fraught with many challenges, since it (music) has no frontiers. How do you think artists like you can help bring about greater peace to this world faced with lots of violence and other menaces?

AmberLynn: I think music is a healer, it has always been, and it always willNow is the time to use it. Musicians should be using it to spread peace throughout the world. We’re not here to use it as a political pulpit; we are here to help heal, to mend, to love one another, that’s what musicians should be using our position for, especially in the world right now- the world needs music more than ever…

CMNI: What are your major career successes, awards?

AmberLynn: I have recently signed with Sony Music and I am super excited about that. I have a fantastic label and team and we are doing great things together. I am inspired. I also have won a few awards on my songwriting, and I am currently nominated for a songwriting award from the upcoming album through the Josie Music awards [the largest, most prestigious award ceremony for annually for the independent music industry].

CMNI: Some female artists do face sexual harassment, discrimination and other negative vices in this male-dominated field of music. Did you, at any time, experience any? If so, how do you handle such matters?

AmberLynn: It happens, and if I see it happening to someone else I shut it down and make sure that person [perpetrator] is exposed and has consequences. If it happens to me, well…people know [they are] not to mess with me. I shut them down.

CMNI: Financial support is paramount in an artist’s career; do you face challenges in that regard?

AmberLynn: I am a humble person and have always been resourceful. I have five children, I know how to survive, and I tell it in my songs. We have a ranch and we have to stretch the dollar and survive; every day I cook, I can ( preserve)  food from the crops, teach my family survival skills… the kind of stuff they don’t teach you in school. I’m not as concerned about my career as I am [about] the state of this world and every family. Change really begins within the family and it reaches out to the neighboring village or community or nations. That goes along with music–change begins with heartfelt true lyrics with the intent to help one another.

CMNI: What age brackets are your songs appealing to?

AmberLynn: I believe they are appealing to all ages. I get fans and listeners of all age groups I am so astounded to see my songs are most popular all over the South, the UK, Texas, Paris [France], Germany, Switzerland, just everywhere! People are listening all over the world which makes me happy.

CMNI: Do you have new musical projects you are currently embarking on?

AmberLynn: We are in the middle of creating a Rock and Roll & southern rock album next and have a very special project coming, so stay tuned.

CMNI: Africa and Asia are continents most of the American artists don’t focus on. Do you have any plans of collaborating with artists, especially female artists, from these two divides?

AmberLynn: My label works with all sorts of people from these areas, so it’s always interesting for me to see who I would like to collaborate, or them, with myself. I’m always open to new endeavors when the inspiration strikes.

CMNI: Would you like to send any messages to your esteemed fans, admirers and well-wishers, and what should they expect from their favorite Outlaw Country singer in the new year?

AmberLynn: Expect great things because it’s only about to get hotter. We are fixing to tour in Texas soon, and there will be some great shows, touring my forthcoming album the Sun Studio sessions.

CMNI: Do you have anything to add to what had been said?

AmberLynn: Yes, I would like to thank everybody who has supported me thus far, including my fans and family. You all mean the world to me.

CMNI: Any special message to your fellow female artists, and especially those upcoming artists aspiring to become future country stars like yourself, the Dolly Partons, the Loretta Lynns, among others?

AmberLynn: Always stay true to your roots and don’t change for others; be true to yourself and become in your own eyes what you want your music to sound like, and perfect your skills. Family and God come first, and I ain’t afraid to say that.


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