Amanda Heartsong By The Hearthfire

Amanda Heartsong By The Hearthfire

By Phillip Doring for Country Music News International Magazine

Amanda Heartsong is an extraordinary woman with her life experiences of 14 years service within the Australian Armed Forces inclusive of tours of duty at war, the loss of her fiance to suicide, self confessed suicidal thoughts & the life struggles post medical discharge.

Amanda resides in a remote rural area of Queensland Australia that she has called her home thereafter finding inspiration for life within music.

When all else was by the wayside music became therapeutic & has given Amanda a sense of purpose which we are all extremely grateful for given her amazing talent as the singer songwriter that she is today. Amanda sure does share a striking smile & vibrate light with her love of astrology, sound healing & passion for freedom, this is can be shown throughout her true authentic character & her creative works.

The CMAA Academy of Country Music Australia has had a huge influence upon Amanda’s career & life in general, in particular with amazing Lyn Bowtell giving Amanda some absolute loving mentorship & guidance ongoing states Amanda.

Amanda’s debut EP out now titled “By the Hearthfire” is exceptional & contains 5 remarkable tracks produced by awesome Simon Johnson at Hillbilly Hut Studio showcasing Amanda’s euphonious voice to boot with a divine blend of country from the times of old infused with modern folk rock featuring her gracious honey vocals.

Amanda’s EP release is sure to gain recognition amongst various genres inclusive of country, folk, roots & easy listening without a doubt around the world.

The songs themselves paint visions which are sprinkled with pureness, soulfulness, emotions, unique authenticity & they are infectious in nature to the ear.

We wish Amanda all the best with her music journey well into the future as assured she will be inspiring to many souls out there around the world.

A little about the songs :

“The War Song”

Written about Amanda’s time in the military with the chorus focused around a conversation with her dad about being her pall bearer when she didn’t want to live anymore.

We are so grateful for Amanda’s presence within our world & her brave sharing of her journey of war & suicidal thoughts.

“Call of Camooweal”

This track was written whilst travelling & performing around the Aussie country side.

Attending the Drovers Camp Festival in Camooweal Queensland Australia inspired.


Amanda states this song captures all that freedom & the expansiveness of how dang good it is to be out there in the middle of nowhere… Along a big old country road.


This song wrote itself Amanda states after an evening online with girlfriends whilst planning a spiritual retreat together during the 2020 covid lock-down.


A country music song camp back in 2021 brought Amanda together with Piper Butcher which resulted in this absolute beauty of a song which will be pleasure to your ears.

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  1. Oh my gosh! Phil, you are a remarkable author mate.

    I am so grateful you have captured the essence of my journey and have given so much thought for the music. I am really grateful to be seen in this way. 🙂

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