Lifetime Achievement Award” for our Good Guy In The
Black Hat Mr Allen Karl
17.12) Allen Karl
 performed eight shows at Bob
Everhart’s National Old Time Country and Bluegrass Music Festival in
, Iowa, from August 31st through September 2nd.  Last
Sunday being the final day of the festival, September 2nd, Bob Everhart
presented Allen Karl with the “Lifetime Achievement Award” by the
National Traditional Country Music Association
.  Bob Everhart is the
reason that there is a National Old Time Country and Bluegrass Festival,
along with his great staff that has made this event
so successful and respected worldwide by the
attendance which grows and grows each year.  Allen Karl and Donna
Cunningham wish to thank Bob for inviting them
back to appear again at
this year’s special event
Each year Bob Everhart assembles
some of the greats in country music to induct them into their Hall of Fame, and
he brings in talent from all corners of the U.S. and worldwide.  He is to
be commended and if he has not received the Platinum Award for helping to keep
country music alive, then we need to present it to him at next year’s
also made the trip to
LeMars, IA to perform with Allen Karl at some of his shows.   Donna and
Allen were greeted by thousands of the fans, a
continue to gain new fans with their
great performances.  They
also shared
the stage with some of the legendary great artists in country music, Lynn
Anderson, Ed Bruce, Tom T. Hall, Michael Martin Murphy and more.  Donna

and Allen are
becoming a fan favorite at every event
they perform
at, and LeMars, IA has taken them both into their hearts as a great additions to the festival, and they
ve given back with their great performances along with their great rapport with the fans.  Both Donna’s
and Allen’s fan base
has grown
considerably since their appearances at the festival.
Allen was surprised
to received such a prestigious award.  He has been one of country
music’s great artists and ambassadors for many years, and he continues to
top the charts worldwide.  This award is given to those who work towards
their goal of keeping traditional country music alive in the hearts of fans
from all over the world. 
Allen Karl is getting great record
reaction with all of his new CD’s, and has just completed the best
project he has ever done, which will include several of his self-penned songs
which will be included in the new CD sometime in the first quarter of 2013.
Allen and Donna will be in the studio in October to also
complete a new duet CD which will have some of the best songs that both artists
have selected.  Excitement is in the camps of Karl and Cunningham.
congratulate Allen Karl for we believe he deserves this award for his
hard work and dedication to his career and Country music. We know
that our dear friend James Allen who passed away recently from cancer, would
have been so proud of Allen right now just as we all are, I only mention
James as I know he was so proud to have been Allen Karl’s promoter
and friend.  Allen Karl was also inducted into the Great
Country Radio Hall Of Fame in 2011.
 Allen has a
new single “As Sure As I’m Standing Here” climbing to
the #1 slot once again, and Allen and Donna have a single duet “Your
Name Is On My Lips Again,”
also making it flight to the #1 slot
also.  They are beginning to get more reviews and great reaction from all
corners of the globe.
Donna has a new single “Don’t
Tell Me That You’re Gone”
which is getting rave reviews around
the country and in Europe in only its first week.  They are saying this is
one of best songs she has recorded and her performance of this ballad is as
good as it gets.  Great things are happening in the careers of Allen Karl
and Donna Cunningham.
The three songs are included in
this press release and all you have to do click on the link to listen and
download.  If you are a DJ, please do download them and hopefully you will
add them to your playlist.  Allen and Donna thank all the DJ’s
worldwide for their support and sincerely ask you to continue and you are the
reasons that they are so acquainted with the #1 slot on all playlist. 
Keep them moving upward.
your constant support and hopes with all of her
heart that you will love this song also. We need & value your input, so
please let us know what you think of her new single.
on the following link to download and review and we sincerely hope you will add
Donna’s super ballad to your airplay list:                  
As Sure As I’m Standing Here                  
Don’t Tell Me That You’re Gone                     
Your Name Is On My Lips Again-Allen & Donna


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