Adam Harvey Songs From Highway One

CD Review: Adam Harvey – Songs From Highway One

By Stanley Mwene For Country Music News International Magazine

  1. 16 Summers
  2. All For Rum
  3. Angel Of Goulburn
  4. Bandits On The Run
  5. Better With Time
  6. Darwin Nights
  7. Highway Number
  8. Lindeman Again
  9. Ramblin’ Fever
  10. Red Dirt
  11. Take Me Back

Little History Of Adam Harvey

Adam Harvey was born on 21st December, 1974. He is an Australian country music singer. Harvey has sold over half a million records, has been nominated five times for ARA Music Award and has won nine golden guitars at the Country Music Awards of Australia.

16 Summers. Stop coming my way, here is the other new year’s day. No one sits back there with another year yet. Do not go their backs, some will always start, I was just too nervous without key. So always can be, something will have gone with me. Let the time will never know 16 Summers so glory there.

The most of it, it does not take too long to be agone memories. May be to rest, 16 Summers go back too fast. No more baby is seen, what thou send fit No more cries. No more seem along All those beautiful songs be the traveler and free. Still I has to roll back

How I used to be, by the time I will never know 16 Summers is gone. So to make the most of it, it doesn’t take too long to the long gone memories. I’m I too relaxed.16 Summers, go back too far. Watch them openly, so bad as we. At the time you never know, 16 Summer is long gone.

We gonna make the most of this. It doesn’t take too long until it is gone memories. I’m I to last,16 Summers, no back so far.

All For Rum. Little bigger shame in burn over. It might make us need in a little world. Take us around the streets, you find a band around the street waiting. For we might find around and saying. Wow, all for rum and wait. Around the times working we are looking for.

When we are around the gate, there is one there we saw. It shall be around there the world. Until I creep, there has been the keeper master there around the pin. You can bet, there is there treatments. When there, you can’t ask to go back again. It is time to join us cerebrate.

All for rum, i rang all around with the band. At times looking for, when we are together, I guess one thing I saw. Turn around, for all the rum. We are in the weekend jumps and came passing around James bar. And we wish united in the club.

All for rum, we are all around and the band knows what we are looking for. We are all together, there is one thing that I saw. It shall all rum, all for rum.

Angle Of Goulburn Hill (feat.Slim D…)This is a beautiful romantic music. Oh I beat my way I saw the way. Once my life gathers all the experience I saw my way. I got clone I missed may way. I know my baby I missed you. And I know my dreams will no longer goes away.

I better I go I was no longer gone. I know nobody can as I just get real. And I know maybe I got your child. When breaks, I am long gone with you. Well don’t mind I say I will make my minds. I will call the speed of angel and to claim the angel enjoy here. Always will do here.

You are the bridge I better I can’t do without. I was call myself king and I do it real. For I guess still I can’t do without you. You are just called angel and this is what I mean. As she is just there, I do not know what to have for this. She would ever wish to try the wheels.

She is once more, as she runs the show, while the whole is certainly slow. That is how I have that night I go. May I think that I am the only one who as ever seen her. And I do not mean to change what I mean. That being her, I mean I have an extra and I will make happy my angel. And the name of my angel at the door is the one I adore.

Bandits On The Run. This is another powerful love music. I am looking in the levees when we come from the most far away. Love is like a whirl wind spinning us every pass every day. We were winning pass every day when crazy ever day again. All is plenty has he says.

Like bandits on the run, kids are like low lying whose time you are building you know. When it begins to say, you look up bill gone. We run the hassle we could make us every still we have. We saw the place we huddle there. There, bandits on the run.

Not talking about tomorrow. We just gone far along. Whatever road we run, we did we hear like bandits on the run. There is road we run, our love is growing strong. We take it as it comes. Just that second it comes. Bandits on the run.

We don’t have a street dress; we do not get that really dress. If we like, time will seek again or else we will seek a trail. We got deal, we will pick it man. Everything is natured up to be done. You will leave me and led us free like bandits on the run.

Not talking about tomorrow, we just go along. Whatever road we run like we did when we were young. Like bandits on the run. Let’s go as it runs, our love is growing strong. We take it as it comes just that second. Bandits on the run. We take it as it comes just that second it comes. Bandits on the run.

Better With Time (feat.becc…). This is a powerful romantic song full of amazing tones. Did I tell you that will be in my heart? That I tell you will stand in my heart. Did I tell you that I feel a great song in my heart that everything is fulfilled in the cloud? Guess that tell you that everything is fulfilled. Everything seeks goes with my clouds (full of love).

Is real wanted nothing cad drift us apart. Something is back at the foot tracks. So I have seen love and nothing will drift us apart. Sweet we sound as we are. And if you ever need friend, we lie once we keep matching. You just said you will love me. We like you will fine whirl.

Better with time. Is the memory dancing back in my mind? Young and crazy will be a little fine. It has been a long and a little while. Must be a song while I sung with you. So, I will sing high and sing low, we are in a middle as we go. Sweet I sung and you will ever friend as we sing as we ever together.

You just say there you are. We like a fine, fine world. There we turn. You get me you hold as you can. You make me very fresh, let’s get along the road again. As in I, as in low, we get in the middle enough as we go. Sweet as we sung and as we have a new friend as we sing as we are marching. You just say as you are. We like a fine wine, there with time.

Darwin Nights. Drinking bar day, bar Monday want I want to go. Sit there goes I am crowded in my wholly there I go. And I am listening where I am living is where I tell the daring nights. I am in here where the world look per the day.

Oh, there cute is where I call my name. I had to go. I will always say sun goes down that Darwin comes the night. It will be just the trees and the night coming. There is magic sounds the baby. There is nothing live, those darwing nights. No today, no tomorrow’s, there is the empty time. No one worries, that should live far.

What it the earth’s sun worrying you around. Every worrying guest changes the world. Who’s cute is calling my name. At back in my heart, there I go. As the sun sets goes down, Darwin comes the night. In the middle on the night, just lives with her man’s magic days, there he lives with her baby.

There, is like nothing light those Darwin nights. Still in her, she calls my name. There were my roles, as the sun goes down, I will come to live. Middle in just mentioning her name, those magic days are very bad. There is like nothing live. Those are darwing nights.

Highway Number One. I will be number one goes forever once the role never runs just as the world never been. You are once around the kids. You go looking maybe you never begging back the things you have never done. There you are, you may be never being number one.

It has got to be with a very busy man. You can venture suddenly into something. Let’s better agree on better homes done. You get lost on the travel magazine. I wonder you wake up early and you are on the road. You are like you know; it is time to go.

You are number one you go forever. Once on the road, never runs. Just asking, the world has never been. You are once around the kids. Do not go looking, maybe you never bring back the things you never haven’t done. Care about and take the way you have ever seen you are on the highway number one.

You will mark Rodger soon free. Looking at the wind screen around the world. OH everything you will be seeing around; it will be back seeing every time. Let’s sing as we take back seeing all the world. We shall along, as the years goes along. I will be number one goes forever. All it goes never runs. Just ask one who will be able to feel this. Do not go looking for me never.

Bring back the things you have never have not done. Come back and get the way as you are highway number one.

Lindeman Again. Let’s say the sixth world there it goes, and how lucky is the sky is build. He was young, strong and spirit buildup. So I am living in the once a time. He had a happy daydream but the man was always number one. It was the work with the jar number one.

We remained fair and love with the man. Asking him on he was looking for the future, Lindeman was found near me. Start around then back to me, he little knew about the age. She was the only her moon life. The one I listened to coming.

Once she tosses coming to the world. She relies a future world with him. And he was a little begging he needed a world with you. It will along take his eyes. Listen with crazy will take as he was back with Lindeman again. He had choices with the family. Little kids can’t live alone on her times. That having said to the same, with Sunday played on, was his.

Carries back for he knew. Less curious, he was running still. He was calling back to the young, just as they came lovely back to the dream. He really wondered how to get back to the family brown. He once said goodbye rest said as he had. Once again, he lit the face as he was back as the way he came.

Last, he was seen with John, who undertook him. She was back with Lindeman again. Oh she is back with John Lindeman again. He is gone home. He is gone back to Lindeman again. Oh again, Lindeman again.

Ramblin’ Fever (feat. Lee ke…). This is an amazing love music…. I don’t have to say to love but with his courtesy, he holds the same. I don’t need her away long enough to back down her back. I got her memory in my back and I got this feeling around the goal.

While I loves her with sober, someone should I gave to her as you told along. I have had a deep along. Rambling fever, that can be measured back in breeze. Rambling fever, that can’t go mud seen. Rest back that can’t seem mess. That is crazy come back.

Whose morning can be drinking coffee, talking about love coming back. That already woman coming back and he gave back coming to her. I am going to dialogue her coming back her way. That some are on her way. Rambling fever can be measured back to that degree. Rambling fever that can be a magazine. Rambling fever that cannot be measured to that degree.

Red Dirt Town. It is just another day we were red dirt town. Low tides before you change to try. No rain because of these guys. Was with no one, long these days. Lack because of grow of these bones. Hey dear in red dirt town

You know you have been on my way dear and because it gets nice. From the day we lived from the ground makes the way in the red dirt town. We are loving a little red dirt town. Please let’s come and go. I am not guessing job and drives red in dirt town.

I understand black and white. Gone and fraying I. On Monday, we could play. Now you know you know how we play and I am just getting on good. Digging from every red dirt brown. Mess the way we red dirt town. We will love the red dirt town.

With no your name in waiting, I am ready to ask why you are asking. Take a living from a red dirt town. Already you know in my ways. And let us get the sun digging every way from the ground. Make the way from the little red dirt town. But another day, we will do form the little red dirt town. We will love the little red dirt town.

Take Me Back. Take me back to the good days that loves in simple ways. Grow Country Music once more. We had to learn what the Asians means, like we slow when serous. Oh we start the progress we meant. Take me back to the golden days.

Walking up and down in the main streets, strapping down with the friend we met. Nobody had the need to knock the door. I am in love with every friend that comes on and the friends back me. We just sit back and do that anymore.

Take me back to the good old days, we dealt in our lives in a very simple way. And grow Country Music once more. We were to learn many places where we messed, like we slow and once messed. Oh we start the progress me meant. Take me back to the good olden days.

Ask if it would be free as we sat, don’t you bear we are wasting time. We had a show of respect and behave. Some around the tip they say and before the Indians. Every real comes from so far alive that way. Take me back to the good olden days where we lived our lives in simple ways and play the Country Music once more.

We had to learn what patience means like we saw in the Indians. Oh we start drawing our way what it means. We had to learn what the Asians means. Take me back to the good olden days.




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