Adam Fears – Adam Fears

Fears – Adam Fears

self-titled debut album produced by Landstar Entertainment opens up
with the first single being released. There’s a Girl Out There
starts the album off with a song that’s lyrically impressive
yet seems produced only to expand a fan base. It really doesn’t
show off any talent that you’d expect from a singer who has
impressed people in a live arena. Track 2 on the other hand is
where this album really should begin. You can really understand that
this is a Texan who has witnessed and driven straight into the
infamous East Texas storm clouds. One can almost visualize the horns
on the hood in front and the heat lightning scattering across the

Track 3keeps the deep country vocals while holding tight on
the reins. It’s a ‘miss her’ type of song that doesn’t really
miss her. Inside his head it’s like a broken record with the
thoughts being compared to that of a broken record that just keeps
repeating the same thing.
has those strong guitar chords and solos added to the words
that each of us was probably taught by our parents (that nowadays
have been censored in this sensitive politically correct
environment.) Track 5throws some scripture in the mix,
although I don’t know if you could consider Geronimo religious
doctrine. I wonder how many bottles of beer I’m down to now. I
think about seventy.
is a nice acoustic jam. Lyrically the song is incredible and
also it just fits to unwind the album. It’s probably the first
album I have reviewed so far that wasn’t all about breaking up,
which was a much needed break from the usual.
a whole, I think the album was good. I think the arrangement of the
songs on the album could’ve been better. I think if it had started
off with the second track I would’ve received it better. I believe
that Adam Fears is probably an incredible live musician. I would
suggest this album to any country music fan, and I believe he really
is someone who’ll be around for a long time to come.

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