Adam Brand – Speed Of Life

CD Review: Adam Brand – Speed Of Life

By Stanley Mwene For Country Music News International Magazine

  1. Baby I Miss you
  2. Don’t Wanna Let You Down
  3. Fly
  4. Freaking Weekend
  5. Just A Love Song
  6. Life’s Been Good To Me
  7. Messing Up A Good Thing
  8. Speed Of Life
  9. You Are Not Alone
  10. Time Of Our Lives

Little History Of Adam Brand

Adam Brand was born on 27Th January, 1970. He is an Australian country singer-songwriter. Brand released his debut album in 1997.He has since released 14 studio albums and has won 12 Country Music Awards of Australia. He has been voted CMC Oz Artist of the Year five consecutive years between 2007-2011.

Baby I Miss You. This is a powerful romantic music. Hey ‘babe’ how about I go fan at her. Ever won hey jay! Hey ‘babe’, would you be my best, like one you should be feel in me. You are sound over here. Let me whisper in your ear.

Baby I am missing you. It has been with and fan for you, I wanna have you. No better, no you let me show you. You are my best friend. Sure, I love you, that I will miss your love. I slow down and kiss you. Baby, I miss you.

Hey baby, stand near me last night, as you look amazing. Hey ‘babe’, singing the song we sung for so long, the joy crazy you are always in me. As I watch you as you are there, baby miss you. Just be here with me. I am for you for all over again.

I wanna hold you no better no you. Let me show you are my best friend. Surely, I love you. I will always long than kiss you. Baby I miss you. Surely, I miss you that I deserve, slow down and kiss you. Baby, I miss you. Hey ‘babe’, put on love, back home. I wanna miss you.

Don’t Wanna Let You Down. This is also one of Adam’s powerful romantic song…. Oh baby go with increasing rise, so much to learn. So little time, do you see me? So I am a father to you have to believe. You have a good curve. I don’t wanna let you down. I will not let you down.

SO ever, do not reach you down for you are clean. I won’t mess you down. Show me bad me. So you came screaming. Fight your fight. You are welcome. You are sure, I shall have all the manner states. We suckle say, you are dead love I can say.

Why I choose sleep your way, it is interesting to be friends. One thing I know is how much I love you so much. That was the lowest thing to make sure that you are always mine. Another one let you down and I do not want to let you down.

So shall ever do reach you for what you are. So shall you not mess up to abandon me. That says you should not try to abandon me. Everything is sweet as you find so and I assure you. Your love must have. A friend stayed away, dreams again leave you blue.

We must need to pray. I hope I am still for you. When you are a little down, when you are still in my shoes. When my memories come to you, I wanna do not let you down. I won’t let you down, so shall I ever do. Baby I love you.

Fly. This is also an amazing song. May you live with my mum’s then we get. May your friend’s money be your enemy’s view. May the world measure love by you. May you fly so far. Everyone just hang next to her. May you fly so high. May your dreams show where you are.

I love you fly. When you are looking down to love. Do not think I will let you go. May the windows open for many years to come. No more shut away your firm. May you fly so high. No one will be just next to her.

May you fly so high; may your dreams show where you are. I love you so much. You will be high to what you need. I can always see where you go. May you fly so high. Whether you will be next to her, may you fly so high. You always dream where you are. I love you fly.

Freakin’ Weekend. This country goes whether the man cures and fashions where the people stay could be. He knows the day where to see and sleep. There has been where they lack and put the things. Know your guards better be looking forward.

Everybody is freaking weekend. How about history, keep these moments. It is cool to have the time. We got about the time and we see shine. Keep, keep these moments. Everybody is free. Can we gain everybody is freaking the weekend?

This fumbles like we sang. We have no words coming inside. We drink about managed the time. It could be late yay go friends mean time. If you look a bad, get one. He got a friend, get one. If you look for somebody, get one. Everybody is freaking weekend. Come more straight get details.

Keep, keep the pace coming. Keep, keep the pace coming. Would be for over time and it is about the sun shining. Everybody is freaking this weekend. Can anybody be wind fall. It is not again. Everybody is freaking weekend. Keep, keep pace coming. Keep drinking, everybody is freaking weekend. We get about and everybody is freaking weekend.

Just A Love Song. This is an awesome romantic music. Every time, I am a marker. I am able a win able. Try your name in a mug tag. Try, say better be helpful. I am made to leave. Leave no any other flow. I have never make if I leave. I will be doing this great If I love all this everything.

Even if I do not miss this crazy love. It is just a love song. For I know you are so small less and nobody should show aggression. The we lend towards, like it is more than love. I know whether this is just good. Oh, this is not just a love song.

You even win is number one. This is everybody’s love time, no ready is ever done. I am still loving your sexy love. Wherever be, I have never heard one more cause. I can try again make you see just a way I see you. Do you feel the way I feel the stars?

You could be a way club I see. Baby, you would be never just stay. This is just a love song for I know you are a wonderful person. This is just a small session; nobody could be a small aggression. Still I will be friending towards, for I like your manner of love.

This is just a love song. Oh lower up the speed of every love. What you have been turning around. Lower up the speed of every blood. By, I will never be a turn around. Yes, this is just a love song. For I know you are a love one. This is just a love song.

Life’s Been Good To Me. This one that I love, thus we fight we make up. She should be alive to make the everlasting love to me. That baby in my heart, should not upset my upcoming. She should be good to me. Oh love, we need your love.

Is that a signal we need; love has been good to me too. Oh we turn it around; it is better we see now it is serious to me. Get put off your friends of mine, I call this might be lying like what should be done on here line it is good to me. I like to send a big salute to men and women in our troops. For without them, we could not be truly alive.

Oh, we could have been without a live. Something signal, would be, life would be without meaning to me. Oh, we need to turn it around. In as ad is seen, how far still life has been good to me. Lack to roll about, giving essential to her. With that, ‘mama’ I love you.

I need your love; it is that signal that will be life has been good to me. Oh, we turn it around. In has somebody seen, I will see a love shot. Shaping together and me.

Messing’ Up A Good Thing. This is also a romantic music…. First call was a messing to me, never a friend’s post for we partially I got away. Messing up a good thing I had a jab that could be a good thing. That gonna be a good time, I got away, messing a good thing.

Now we come from a mowing to meet with your face. Could be along my shoulder, till mine we stay. Then excuse me, I love you. Baby, there is much I would love to do, no one could correct you someday. Messing up is a good thing, you gonna be the one to love.

I gonna be to battle in your life. I just want to let you know we change your tagging. You could be breaking, but I gonna be making it. Now we can wake up every morning, you and me choose face. You gonna love my shoulders. You and me is so sweet.

Baby, you know how much I love you, baby you know how much I hug you. Go I gonna correct you someday. It is a desire away, so love is a good thing. Now you are mine, till I enjoy your face. I will be my muscle, see no more mistakes, it is good that I love you. I know I would correct you someday.

Yes, another living, I got away. I don’t know what I can do without you. That ‘beibe’, you are going to be mine.

Speed Of Life. Torching must be sixty, sixty would rather occur. Sixty must be twenty-one, twenty-one is here the vibe. Torching must be thirty, that he refused to go. He will kiss a man around, a man around and he goes. She should not speed of a life.

No fast we were around, there we go. There must be no a time. No we should speed a life. I reach to fast key, kiss to Dama.Dama knows how to keep a swing. Could got her, sing to her, call her a mum. Small things that could yield. I just love her.

I could not just speed a life, no fast that we were. Once done to go to time, love has to go with a speed of life. Love has to be managed around, that saves time. We need to get the most to make one. Love has got to move with a speed of life. So enjoy life.

No fast so we were and so we had so make of time. Love has got to move with a speed of life. Enjoy the life.

You Are Not Alone. This is an amazing romantic song. So close you are see plus, no wonder you have someone to listen to. I have another you have gonna be, I have time to try someone missing. You are not alone you know close you are another one. You lack but not really hard.

Sometimes, I wonder what we can do. You keep on reading and to wake up and play. You are not alone You are fresh a borne. You even think what you are, you are not far away from me. You are not alone. So there you say you are holding me. It is okay to cry, for nothing is impossible.

I am not strong enough to abandon you and say goodbye. You are not alone, you are fresh and I. Even known think you are, you are not alone. You are not alone, know you lack and you need me. Now you need and miss me. Now, you believe me strong. We can do anything together and if you have a feeling you can go, you are not alone. Now fresh you are, you are not alone you think you are. You are not alone.

Time Of Our Lives. Love is the one we need, nobody knows. All this sometimes, what we need as in our lives we get this feeling. We get tonight, this is the time. Oh our lives, this is the time of our lives. Are you feeling love? Are you feeling loved?

Love is a feeling you really bear. Forget about tomorrow, you will be alive. So is the time, for our lives. This is the time of our lives. Love is crazy and free to air to be what to be around. So we have gone bad we need this live. It is the time of our love. Can you feel it now? We are spilling around as one can shall be feeling in need.

We should feel it down. This is the time of our lives. This is the time of our lives. Even back, this is the time of our lives. Oh we are back down; this is the time of our lives.

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